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Legal Action

In the Prelaw Program at Seton Hill, you will benefit from a variety of learning opportunities designed to prepare you for law school and a legal career. Our experienced, dedicated faculty members will help you find the path to the law-related field that suits you best. 

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Why Prelaw at Seton Hill?

Most Undergrads Move On to Careers or Grad School

  • Two areas of focus: political science and history.

  • Study in Washington, D.C.: Earn college credit and gain an insider’s understanding of the American political system through The Washington Center’s Inside Washington Program.

  • 3 + 3 Program with Duquesne University School of Law: Earn your bachelor’s and your law degree in 6 years. Students who take advantage of this 3 + 3 program complete 3 years of prelaw study at Seton Hill. Then, once academic and LSAT requirements are met, students are admitted for 3 years of study in the Duquesne University School of Law. (This program leads to 2 degrees, one from Seton Hill and one from Duquesne.) Find out more about the 3 + 3 Program with Duquesne
  • Relevant internships in local and regional law firms, nonprofits and government agencies. 

  • Prelaw courses you can take at Seton Hill include:
    • American National Government

    • The U.S. Civil Rights Movement

    • Global Political Economy

    • Historical & Political Geography

    • The Middle East
  • Extensive mentoring from Seton Hill Prelaw Program alumni with active careers in the field.

  • Legal faculty dedicated to you: A combination of political science professors, history professors and legal practitioners, prelaw faculty at Seton Hill have decades of experience.  Our faculty are:

    • Diligent about preparing students for law school.

    • Committed to new developments in legal scholarship and practice.
Dedicated to connecting each student with internship, mentoring and networking opportunities.


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Seton Hill prelaw graduates have a high rate of acceptance to law school. However, a legal career is not your only option. The education you get at Seton Hill also prepares you for  interesting careers in government agencies, nonprofit organizations and business. Seton Hill’s award-winning Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) will work with your prelaw faculty to provide you with the career preparation skills and placement services you need.  (The American Bar Association does not require any specific major as preparation for law school. The term “prelaw” refers to any program that prepares undergraduate students for law school and the practice of law.)

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