Admissions & Transfer Counselors

Seton Hill University’s Undergraduate, Graduate, and Online Bachelor’s Degree & Certificate Admissions and Transfer Counselors traditionally serve as the first and main point of contact for prospective students and applicants. Admissions and Transfer Counselors will counsel applicants on completing an application for admission to the University.  Admissions and Transfer Counselors are not academic advisors and do not participate in registration (i.e.: course selection, course planning) or academic assessment (e.g.: any placement exams). The Office of Admissions will refer any students, prospective or applicant, identifying as currently serving in the military, a veteran of the military, or a beneficiary of educational benefits from serving in the military to the Designated Certifying Official for anything related to advising, registration, and eligibility of benefits.

While meeting the University’s recruitment goals, Seton Hill University will adhere to ethical recruitment practices when counseling students on application completion and enrollment decisions. Counselors will provide current and accurate information regarding the admissions process, costs, and any other relevant information to help a student decide on selecting the institution for ultimate enrollment in congruence with local, state, and federal laws relating to communication outreach and recruitment. 

Seton Hill University Undergraduate, Graduate, and Online Bachelor’s Degree & Certificate Admissions and Transfer Counselors will abstain from:

  • Providing commission or incentivized payments, directly or indirectly, regarding the procurement of enrollment (including Department of Defense Tuition Assistance funds) to anyone (e.g.: service members, beneficiaries of military benefits, other entities, etc.) through recruitment, admissions activities, or aiding the financial decision for the student.
  • High-pressure recruitment tactics, including but not limited to making three or more unsolicited contacts by phone call, text, email, or in-person events for the purpose of procuring same day enrollment.


A "commission or incentivized payment" means something of value, monetarily or otherwise, which an include, but not limited to, discounts, transportation, lodging, etc., other than salaries paid to employees or fees paid to contractors/consultants in congruence with local, state and federal laws.