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Prepare to Serve in the Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard While Earning Your Degree

Army ROTC logoWhat is Army ROTC?

  • Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) is a leadership program that is integrated with your college experience
  • While earning your degree, you will take ROTC classes and participate in regular physical and field training exercises 
  • Upon graduation from ROTC, you will earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant and serve in the Active Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard

Who is Eligible?

Any student accepted to a degree program at Seton Hill University who:

  • Is a U.S. citizen
  • Is between the ages of 18 - 26 (cannot be older than 31 by December 31 of graduation and commissioning year)
  • Meets Army physical fitness & medical standards
  • Will take 75% of his/her courses on campus as opposed to online

What is the Time Commitment While at Seton Hill?

You will devote four hours a week on average to ROTC activities.  Here’s a general breakdown:

  • ROTC Class: 1 hour per week 
  • Fitness Training: 1 hour, 3 days a week 
  • ROTC Lab: 1 Saturday per month
  • Field Training Exercise: 3-day training once each semester 

Some of these activities will occur on Seton Hill’s campus. Others will be off-site. Transportation can be arranged if needed. Student-athletes in most sports can count in-season practice sessions toward the ROTC physical training requirement.

What is my Service Commitment After Graduating?

This depends on a few things - like the branch you’ve chosen, and if you’ve received a scholarship. If you haven’t received a scholarship and you are an undergraduate student who only participates in ROTC in your freshman and sophomore years, you aren’t obligated to serve. If you accept an ROTC scholarship, you will have a service commitment that can last anywhere from three to eight years.

Army ROTC Scholarships

2, 3 or 4 Year Scholarships

  • Full tuition - or - full room & board
  • $1200/yr book allowance
  • $420 monthly stipend
  • High school students can apply for a scholarship starting June 1 of their senior year. 

2, 3 or 4 Year Guaranteed Reserve Force Duty (GRFD) Scholarships

  • Must join the Army Reserve or National Guard 
  • $1200/yr book allowance
  • $300-$500 monthly stipend
  • Eligible for GI Bill
  • Tuition assistance (up to $7,100/yr) can be combined with a Room and Board GRFD Scholarship

Three Rivers Battalion logoThree Rivers Battalion

Seton Hill’s ROTC Program is part of the Three Rivers Battalion.  This Battalion has close to 300 student members from colleges and universities in and around southwestern Pa.

Questions? Contact either of the offices below to get the answers you need.