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Commuter students have access to all campus services and are encouraged to participate in campus organizations and activities.

Class Cancellations

Seton Hill class cancellation notices may be sent to active students, faculty and employees through the University's Campus Alert messaging service. University constituents must self-register to receive this emergency message service. Messages can be sent via email or text message. Recipient costs are limited to standard text messaging charges from your cellular phone provider. University messages sent by this service are limited to special campus alerts. 

Lounge Areas

The second floor Maura Lounges are popular areas with both commuters and residents, especially for between class breaks. Work areas, vending machines, a microwave, televisions, refrigerator, stereo, computers and phones are available. Sullivan Hall also has a comfortable lounge area for studying or relaxing.


Lockers are located in the first Maura corridor and the rear Maura lounge. They are available on a first-come basis, and there is no charge for their use. Lockers must be vacated at the end of the academic year. The Activities and Commuter Life Office handles the assignments.


All students may choose to request a campus mailbox. Resident students must have a mailbox assignment, and commuters are encouraged to do so. Requests for a Commuter Locker can be made in the Office of Activities and Commuter Life, Maura 223.

Meal Plans

Commuting students are welcome to dine in either Lowe Dining Hall or Griffin's Cove. Cash can be paid at the door, however students may find that purchasing a meal plan provides a more affordable and convenient option. Students interested in a meal plan can find some basic information here, on the dining services website or they can should visit the Aramark Services offices located in the rear of the cafeteria behind the grey swinging doors to the kitchen.


Commuter students are encouraged to participate in student government; they have proportionate representation in the Senate. Copies of the SHGA handbook are available outside the SHGA office, Lowe 113.