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If I lock my keys in my car or need to have my battery jumped, will the University help me?

Yes. The Seton Hill University Police Department prides itself on providing assistance to SHU community members who are having vehicle-related problems. Should you lock your keys in your car or find that your battery is dead, you should contact the police department by dialing (724) 830-4999 or x4999.

If I have an evening class and would like an escort back to my vehicle, will the University help me?

Yes. The Seton Hill University Police Department is happy to provide students with an escort to their vehicle. Just contact the police department by calling (724) 830-4999 or x4999.

Whom should I speak with if I have a question related to my classes or my academic major?

If you are currently taking a course and you have a question, you should start with the professor. He or she should be able to provide you with the answers that you need. If you have a question related to your major, you should make an appointment to speak to your academic advisor. If you are not sure who your advisor is, you should contact the Registrar's Office, located on the first floor of the Administration Building, for more information. They can be reached by calling (724) 838-4218.

How can I find out what clubs and activities exist on campus?

A listing of Clubs and Organizations is kept current on the Seton Hill Web site. If you have other questions about getting involved, take a moment to talk to staff in the Office of Student Activities, located in 223 and 225 Maura Hall. They can be reached by calling (724) 830-1076. Another way to find out what's happening on campus is by picking up a copy of the Communicator, the campus bulletin which is printed every Friday; the student-run newspaper, The Setonian, which is issued four times per semester during the Fall and Spring; the online campus calendar of events; and the calendar located outside of the Activities Office (Maura 223) for further club and event information. 

Can I get a meal plan as a commuter student?

Yes. Seton Hill University Dining Services (ARAMARK) offers a wide variety of meal plans and declining balance dollar options for commuter students. For more information you can view the Dining Services page or call (724) 838-4294.

Is there someplace on campus I can go to if I am feeling sick?

Yes. Seton Hill Students can and should use the Wellness Center whenever they are feeling ill. In order to receive services from the Wellness center all students must submit a completed Report of Medical History Form to the Wellness center at box 186K. Forms can be accessed from Griffin Gate. The Wellness Center is located on the 5th floor of the Administration building and is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The routine services available include: diagnosis and treatment of ambulatory illnesses and some injuries, referrals, and counseling. Laboratory tests and X-rays are performed off campus at the student's expense. Some medication is dispensed as free starter dosages from the Wellness Center when prescribed by the doctor or nurse. Prescriptions are filled by an area pharmacy and delivered to campus free of charge. The cost of the prescription is the responsibility of the student, and medication charges are to be paid at the Student Accounts Office.

Educational programming components include AIDS, smoking cessation, self-breast and testicular exam education, health and nutritional counseling, Wellness Week, and annual programs on current health care issues. Materials on a wide variety of health-related topics are available at the Wellness Center, and referrals are readily made.

For further information about the Wellness Center, please contact (724) 838-4234.

Is there someplace on campus where I can spend the night, if I need to spend the night due to poor weather conditions?

Yes. Should you discover that the weather conditions are unsafe and would prefer to spend the night on campus rather than drive, simply go the Office of Residence Life, Maura 221, before 5:00 PM. If you do not reach the Office of Residence Life before 5:00 PM, contact the Seton Hill University Campus Police Department at (724) 830-4999. Campus Police will contact a staff member from the Office of Residence Life to make the proper arrangements. This service is provided at no cost to the student.

How can I find out if one or more of my classes have been cancelled today?

SHU class cancellation notices may be sent to active student, faculty and employees through the University's Campus Alert messaging service. University constituents must self-register to receive this emergency message service by registering here. Messages can be sent via email or text message. Recipient costs are limited to standard text messaging charges from your cellular phone provider. University messages sent by this service are limited to special campus alerts.

Students can also call the School Cancellation Number at (724) 830-1000 for a listing of cancelled classes for the day. Announcements will be also be made on the radio and television stations, KDKA Pittsburgh and WTAE Pittsburgh. A list of class cancellations due to faculty members' illness or absence may also be found on the Academic Affairs bulletin board located on 2nd Maura. Individual class cancellation notices are also posted on classroom doors. Individual class cancellations, due to instructor's emergency or health, are posted on the Academic Affairs bulletin board (2nd floor Maura) and at the door of the classroom. Most instructors also suggest that students check into GriffinGate, the course management system to see if there are any communication updates since the last class meeting.

How will I receive my parking permit?

If you plan to bring a car to campus you should pick up your parking permit in the Campus Police Office located in the Administration Building Annex, Room 115. Passes are available each year after the first of August, between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM. There is no additional fee for the first permit issued each year. There is a $10 replacement fee for lost permits during the school year. (Keep in mind that parking spaces in popular areas can fill quickly. When arriving on campus, one should allow ample time for parking and either walking to class or taking the shuttle van.)