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To apply to a Seton Hill graduate program, you will need:

Program  TOEFL 
Art Therapy 114 280 7
All Education Programs 100 250 6.5
Marriage & Family Therapy 114 280 7
Master of Business Administration (MBA)    100 250 6.5
Orthodontics 114 280 7
Physician Assistant 114 280 7
Writing Popular Fiction 114 280 7
Other Graduate Programs 100 250 6.5 

Program-Specific Requirements

Some academic programs have specific admission requirements (such as a personal interview or audition requirement, for instance). Take a look at the academic program pages to find out if the program(s) in which you are interested have additional admission requirements.  

How to Submit Information

Information not submitted through the online application should be submitted to:

Office of Graduate & Adult Studies
Seton Hill University
One Seton Hill Drive
Box 510F
Greensburg, PA 15601
Fax: (724) 830-1891 

To contact the Office of Graduate Admissions, fill out the online Request for Information form. Ready to apply? Apply online now for free! You may also call Graduate Admissions at (724) 838-4208 or email us at