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A Program For Returning Peace Corps Volunteers

Returning Peace Corps volunteers who enter a graduate program at Seton Hill through the Coverdell Fellows Program can earn a master's degree with a 30% discount in tuition cost.

Graduate Tuition Discount & Participating Graduate Programs

Coverdell Fellows are eligible for 30% off graduate tuition if accepted into one of Seton Hill's participating graduate programs: 

  • Art Therapy
  • Elementary/Middle Level Education
  • Special Education
  • Innovative Instruction
  • Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Writing Popular Fiction

In order to qualify for the program, applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Seton Hill University graduate program of choice and must have completed service with the Peace Corps.

Fellows Program Internships

Through internships, Coverdell Fellows will be able to use the humanitarian skills that they have learned overseas to address issues in the regions that surround Seton Hill University. At Seton Hill, Fellows work toward a graduate degree while providing humane assistance to public and nonprofit organizations in Greensburg and the surrounding Westmoreland County areas. Satisfactory completion of Peace Corps service entitles volunteers to lifetime eligibility for the Coverdell Fellows Program. 

Depending on the degree the Fellow is pursuing, Fellows will be required to serve a community partner supporting a similar humanitarian service area. Fellows' internship experiences will be individualized, with the location and nature of the internship decided between student, advisor and community partner.

Depending on the program of study, the internship may meet both Seton Hill and Fellows Program requirements. Internships may be paid or unpaid. 

To Apply

Just visit, fill out the graduate application form, and check the Coverdell Fellows Program checkbox.

More information can be found on the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program section of

To contact the Office of Graduate Admissions, fill out the online Request for Information form. Ready to apply? Apply online now for free! You may also call Graduate Admissions at (724) 838-4208 or email us at