Religion Transforms the World

A Catholic University Embracing All FaithsAs a student in the Religious Studies/Theology Program at Seton Hill you will learn about the rich interplay of faith and reason in Christianity, with an emphasis on scripture and tradition as the foundation for thinking about faith. Seton Hill is grounded in the Catholic Christian tradition, and because of this, welcomes all faith traditions in its study of religion around the globe.

Get Your Degree in as Little as 3 YearsReligion continues to be a force for change in society. Today, leaders in every field must have a thorough knowledge of the importance of religious belief and practice across cultures in order to make good decisions. You will learn how religion affects the many cultures around the globe, and how it can inspire meaningful action for the creation of a more just and compassionate world.

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Two Areas of Specialization in Religious Studies/Theology at Seton Hill University

Most Undergrads Move On to Careers or Grad School

Theology provides a framework for understanding complex and difficult questions about what matters most to human beings. At Seton Hill University, you have the option of two areas of specialization for your religious studies/theology degree:

  • Academic
  • Pastoral Ministry 


The academic specialization can be tailored to your interests. With a strong foundation in Christian theology, you can choose to delve deeper into theological topics or to gear your study more toward other major religious traditions and how they have shaped—and continue to affect—persons and cultures around the globe. Courses include:

  • The Hebrew Scriptures
  • The Christian Scriptures
  • Story of Christianity
  • Contemporary Catholicism
  • Islam: Religion & Culture
  • Liturgy and Sacrament
  • Religions of Asia

As a Religious Studies/Theology major with an academic focus you will have the perfect opportunity to double major or minor in other disciplines, including political science, global studies, genocide and holocaust studies, business, languages, and philosophy.

Pastoral Ministry

Specializing in pastoral ministry provides you with the opportunity to learn how to support religious communities and stand in solidarity with the individuals within those communities. While you will still take many of the courses listed above, you can also look forward to:

  • Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
  • Moral Theology
  • Ministry & Spirituality
  • Field Experience in Pastoral Ministry
  • Introduction to Counseling

If you choose the pastoral ministry specialization for your Religious Studies degree, you are encouraged to take additional coursework in psychology, sociology, social work or education.

Why Choose Religious Studies/Theology at Seton Hill University?

Experiential Learning, Research & Interreligious Dialogue 

Seton Hill’s Religious Studies/Theology Program also provides experiential learning and opportunities for interreligious dialogue through:

  • Trips to local and regional worship centers of various faith traditions
  • Internships in local pastoral settings
  • Research partnerships with faculty
  • Worship and service in cooperation with Seton Hill's Campus Ministry
  • Seton Hill's National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education
  • Study and travel opportunities in cooperation with the Consortium of Educational Resources for Islamic Studies (CERIS)


A degree in Religious Studies/Theology from Seton Hill University prepares you for graduate-level study and careers in:

  • Pastoral ministryCareer Center Graphic
  • Religious education
  • Community service or activism
  • International business
  • International aid/nonprofit management
  • Economics & finance
  • Counseling
  • Journalism

Seton Hill University’s Career and Professional Development Center can provide you with the career preparation skills, internship opportunities and placement services you need - as a student, and even after you graduate.


Small Classes Big Opportunities

Seton Hill’s Religious Studies/Theology faculty members are focused on student spiritual, theological and professional development, and enjoy working with students individually. They are active and published in a variety of academic fields, including:

  • Interreligious dialogue
  • Phenomenology
  • Sacramental theology
  • American Catholicism
  • Gender issues & religion
  • Homiletics

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