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How to Apply

You can apply online for free using the University application. On the application, in the section for major of interest, please indicate the Physician Assistant Program as the major.

B.S./M.S. in Physician Assistant Application Checklist:

  • A Seton Hill University undergraduate application.
  • Official high school transcripts.
  • Three letters of recommendation (one from a science teacher).
  • An essay on why the student wants to become a Physician Assistant.
  • SAT and/or ACT scores.
  • Health Care & PA Shadowing Form (not required, but highly recommended)

To be considered for the program, high school students must:

  • Have one of the following:
    • A minimum new SAT score of 1170 (evidence-based reading and writing and math) OR
    • A minimum ACT score of 24.
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.2.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.2 for all science courses.
  • Participate in an interview with representatives from Seton Hill and the Physician Assistant Program.
  • Demonstrate strong oral and written language skills, evidence of ability to complete this intensive program of study and clinical training, personal maturity, and a professional attitude.
  • High school student applicants are also encouraged to provide evidence of health care/patient contact and physician assistant shadowing experience.


The deadline for early admission is September 15 for the following academic year. To be considered for admission we encourage you to apply no later than October 15. Interviews will be held from September through December. If you apply early you have a better chance of being selected for an interview. Students typically receive admissions decisions within a month of their interview.

The Program Interview

After qualification, applicants become “eligible to interview.” At this stage in the admission process candidates are ranked by assigning points to application requirements, as shown below. The Physician Assistant faculty will interview 80 of the highest scoring applicants. Applicants can receive a maximum of 21 points.

1 Point
2 Points
3 Points
4 Points














28 or >

Extracurricular Activities



3 or more


Recommendation Letters

1 positive letter submitted

2 positive letters submitted

3 positive letters submitted


PA Shadow Experiences



3 or more


Health Care Hours





Scoring Example:

Alivia Smith has earned a high school GPA of 3.87, scored a 1280 on the SAT and has been involved in two activities. She submitted three positive recommendation letters and has shadowed 1 PA and 1 nurse. She volunteered at her local nursing home for 28 hours. She will score as follows:

GPA: 3.87 = 4 points
SAT/ACT: 1280 = 3 points
Extracurricular Activities: 2 = 2 points
Recommendation Letters: 3 positive = 3 points
PA Shadow Experience: 1 PA Shadow = 1 point (Other healthcare providers do not count.)
Health Care Hours: 28 hours = 2 points
Total Points: 15 

The Interview

The admissions committee selects approximately 80 students to interview. The interview activities are designed to give applicants an in-depth look at our program. Applicants will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their strengths and suitability for the program and the PA profession.

This interview will include:

  • Program overview and a chance to meet some of the program faculty.
  • A review of the Physician Assistant Program curriculum.
  • An individual interview with a group of three faculty members or 2 faculty members and one program alumni
  • A group activity to observe your ability to work as a group member.
  • A review of technical standards.
  • Assessment of writing skills.

Tips for preparing for the interview:

  • Research Seton Hill University and our Physician Assistant Program.
  • Attend a Seton Hill University Physician Assistant Program Information Session.
  • Research the profession. (Some websites that will help: American Academy of Physician Assistants, Pennsylvania Society of Physician Assistants, National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants, Physician Assistant Education Association.)
  • Research possible interview questions and think about your responses.
  • Talk with physician assistants.
  • Think about why you want to be a physician assistant.
  • Get adequate sleep the night before your scheduled interview.
  • Arrive early for the interview.