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Learn to Answer Tomorrow’s Business Questions Today With Big Data

The ever-expanding digital world is constantly collecting valuable information, from people interacting with technology, and also from devices communicating with other devices (“the Internet of Things.”) As a student in the Data Analytics Program at Seton Hill, you will learn to use the predictive power of mathematics with the processing power of technology to discover hidden patterns in this “big data” that provide high-level business insights. In the process, you’ll position yourself for a career in a field that is going nowhere but up.

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Careers in Data Analytics

Currently, the need for skilled data analysts exceeds the number of qualified candidates. A study by the McKinsey Global Institute projects that by 2024 the demand for data analysts in the U.S. will grow by 19%. Right here in Pittsburgh, approximately 89% of predicted annual openings through 2025 will require a bachelor’s degree, particularly in the areas of business and finance where technology and the rise of big data has driven strong growth for data analysts. 

Why Seton Hill?

  • Career Strength: To ensure that you have the largest amount of career options, Seton Hill’s Data Analytics Program will provide you with a strong foundation in data analysis that you can personalize by adding your choice of a minor in business management, computer science, information technology, mathematics or accounting.
  • Communication Skills: Being able to effectively communicate the results of data analysis to nontechnical coworkers and business leaders is a key skill – and it’s something you’ll learn at Seton Hill.
  • Experiential Internship: In your junior year, you will complete an internship in a business environment that closely simulates your expected career field.


Seton Hill’s data analytics courses are taught by dedicated faculty with expertise in business, mathematics and computer science who will help you master skills such as:

  • Data-handling techniques in the fields of computer science, business and information technology.
  • An understanding of statistics needed to maximize the value of data.
  • Using new and emerging tools and technologies to analyze big data with cloud based data mining.

Ready to Take Your Next Step UP?

You can apply online for free any time. Seton Hill features streamlined admission requirements and a comprehensive aid program. If you haven’t been to visit us yet, please schedule a time to come up to the Hill. You may just see your future from here.