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Seton Hill’s Health Services promotes healthful living and provides a variety of medical services, first aid and professional outpatient care for students when needed.

Health Services

  • Diagnosis and non-invasive treatment of ambulatory illnesses and injuries.
  • Referrals to other in-house and off campus services and counseling.
  • Dispensing of over-the-counter medications as necessary.

Prescriptions are ordered through a local pharmacy. Prescription costs are the responsibility of the student and medical charges are to be paid at the Student Accounts Office.

Laboratory tests and x-rays are performed off campus at the student’s expense.

Required Information from Students

Release of Information

If you need to release information to Health Services, or from Health Services, please complete the Release of Information Form.

Educational Health Services includes:

  • Health and nutrition counseling. 
  • Smoking cessation information. 
  • Self breast and testicular exam education. 
  • Information on current health care issues. 
  • Medication management
  • Respiratory health

Materials on a wide variety of health-related topics are available at the Wellness Center. Current students can also log into MySHU for Wellness Center forms and information.