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Faith Sharing 

Faith sharing opportunities are available for small group discussions and online discussions with campus ministers and students on matters of faith. 


To remember the "night of broken glass" in which the windows of synagogues and businesses of European Jews were smashed and destroyed, an event that escalated the Holocaust, Campus Ministry and the Seton Hill Holocaust Center collaborate to offer an interreligious service of remembrance to pray for victims of the Holocaust and for a peace among peoples that will end violence and discrimination. 

Lunch With Liz 

Celebrating the life and history of Elizabeth Ann Seton, Lunch With Liz is an annual program that helps our Seton Hill community become familiar with the life of Elizabeth Ann Seton and aware of how her spirit continues to direct and enliven the life of the Sisters of Charity and Seton Hill University. 

Bible Study 

Students, faculty and staff reflect upon God's word in an ecumenical setting.