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Seton Hill Confers Degrees to 127 graduates during December Commencement Exercises

Seton Hill University conferred degrees and certificates to 127 graduates during recent Commencement Exercises for students who completed degree requirements in August and December. Graduates are listed by hometown.




Brampton L6Y 0Y3

Christian Strong, BA, Journalism





Garfield 72732

Deirdre Sheets, BS, Biology



Corona 92882

Ronak Mody, MS, Orthodontics



Wyoming 19934

Sita Patel, MS, Orthodontics



Ocala 34476

Nicholas Boynton, BS, Sports Management



Roanoke 46873

John Lubic, BS, Accounting



Bowie 20720

Evan Byrd, BS, Business Administration


Silver Spring 20906

Alexander Attia, BA, Criminal Justice



Landing 07850

Monica Haywood, MA, Marriage and Family Therapy


Manahawkin 08050

Bianca Bruce, BS, Exercise Science


Phillipsburg 08865

Alys Murdoch, MS, Orthodontics


Wayne 07470

Anthony Terrana, MS, Orthodontics


Williamstown 08094

Arnold Lusby, BS, Business Administration



Woodstock 12498

Rachel Sanborn, Certificate, Genocide and Holocaust Studies



Columbus 43220

Oliver McGlade, BA, Mathematics



Adamsburg 15611

Robert Stauffer, BA, General Studies


Armbrust 15616

Alex Himler, MBA, Business Administration

Darin King, BA, Human Services


Baden 15005

Samantha Santiago, BS, Exercise Science


Beaver Falls 15010

Kelsey Greco, BS & BA, Exercise Science & Dance


Bethel Park 15102

KyongJun Min, BA, Religious Studies

Lucy Sedor-Franzak, BM in Honors, Music


Blairsville 15717

Maria Schmucker, BS, Business Administration


Blue Bell 19422

Danielle Shilling, MA, Elementary/Middle Level Education


Bridgeville 15017

Kevin Gillen, MBA, Business Administration


Charleroi 15022

Nikolette Simpson, BS, Business Administration


Connellsville 15425

Joshua Malago, BS, Business Administration


Dawson 15428

Hannah Kupets, BA, Psychology


Delmont 15626

Edward Kraus, MBA, Business Administration

Tracy Zufall, BA, Business


Elizabeth 15037

Sydney Geyer, MA, Elementary/Middle Level Education


Export 15632

Jessica Shaffer, BS, Accounting & Business Administration

Cagin Unal, BS, Accounting


Ferndale 18921

Kierhan Boyle, Certificate, Genocide and Holocaust Studies


Ford City 16226

Maria Prazenica, MA, Special Education


Gibsonia 15044

Matthew Mahood, BS, Exercise Science


Glenshaw 15116

Alexandra Porter, BS, Exercise Science

Garret Vrbanic, BS, Accounting


Greensburg 15601

Danielle Armstrong, BS, Business Administration

William Bair, BS, Sports Management

Lindsay Black, BS, Business Administration

Jessica Buchman, BS, Computer Science

Autumn Chiu, BA, Art

Harry Damerow, MA, Elementary/Middle Level Education

Michael Dargay, BA, General Studies

Christianna Deaner, BS, Accounting & Business Administration

Jamie Demangone, BA, Human Services

Shannon Fuhrmann, MBA, Business Administration

Seyedeh Zahra Hassantash, MS, Orthodontics

Tisha Hobaugh, BA, Human Services

Melissa Jacobs, MA, Special Education

Christopher Kaczmarek, BA, English

Ashley Kertes, BS, Business Administration

Jacob Komarny, BFA, Art

Trevor Martz, BA, Mathematics

Katie Milane, MBA, Business Administration

John Miliczki, MA, Special Education

Briona Nixon, BA, Mathematics

Coral Overly, BA, Art

Sierra Stark, BA, Education

Mollie Stein, BA, Education

Lacey Weiner, BA, Education

Anna Yates, MA, Special Education


Hanover 17331

Garrett Fike, MBA, Business Administration

Kasey Myers, BM in Honors, Music


Harrisburg 17110

Emily Hutsko, BA, Psychology


Hunker 15639

Jay Bell, MBA, Business Administration

Carolyn Loucks, BS, Exercise Science

Roberta Orr, MBA, Business Administration


Indiana 15701

Cody Baker, BS, Forensic Science

Ya-Huei Chen, MA, Art Therapy


Irwin 15642

Sayward Beighley, BA, Human Services

Dilveer Chaggar, MBA, Business Administration

Kayla DiPaolo, BA, Criminal Justice & Psychology

Kyle Dugan, BA, Psychology

Maleena Jumpp, MA, Marriage and Family Therapy


Jeannette 15644

G. Brett Binduga, MA, Special Education

Jason Huff, BS, Business Administration

Heather Long, BA, Dance

Lorenzo Marefka, MBA, Business Administration

Brittany Miller, BSW, Social Work

Latrobe 15650

Christine Blycheck, MA, Elementary/Middle Level Education

Jonse Diethorn, BS, Business Administration

Megan Diethorn, BS, Business Administration

Michael Hacken, MS, Orthodontics

Matthew Johnson, BM, Music


Liberty Borough 15133

Brianna Smith, BA, Education


Ligonier 15658

Danielle Schrock, BA, Biology


Luxor 15662

Valerie Walker, MA, Special Education


McDonald 15057

Jordan Hohn, MBA, Business Administration


McKeesport 15131

Alexis Petach, BS, Accounting


McMurray 15317

Joshua Reardon, BA, Theatre


Mechanicsburg 17050

Jack Miller, BS, Biology


Monroeville 15146

Kyle Mullin, MBA, Business Administration


Moon Township 15108

Julie DelGreco, BS, Forensic Science


Mount Pleasant 15666

Sara Miller, MBA, Business Administration

Michael Myers, BS, Computer Science


Murrysville 15668

Dana Smith, MBA, Business Administration


New Kensington 15068

Michelle Olsavsky, MA, Special Education

Hazel Wilford, BA, Human Services


New Salem 15468

Alexis Hull, BS, Biology


Normalville 15469

Deanna Mongell, BA, Education


North Huntingdon 15642

Amanda Barkley, BA, Human Services

Jake Gribschaw, BA, Mathematics

Emily Hardy, MA, Special Education

Paige Overly, BA, Theatre


Philadelphia 19102

Latisha Henderson, MS, Orthodontics


Philadelphia 19103

Nicole Rossi, MA, Elementary/Middle Level Education


Pittsburgh 15207

Kamalpreet Nagi, MBA, Business Administration


Pittsburgh 15211

Kyle Jackson, BA, Music & Psychology


Pittsburgh 15227

Tyler Galbraith, BS, Sports Management


Pittsburgh 15235

Chayne Anderson, MA, Marriage and Family Therapy

Erica Pearson, MA, Marriage and Family Therapy


Pittsburgh 15236

Patrick McCarthy, MBA, Business Administration


Scottdale 15683

Pamela Skovira, MA, Marriage and Family Therapy


Somerset 15501

Heather Hayman, BA, Human Services


Torrance 15779

Megan Thompson, MBA, Business Administration


Vandergrift 15690

Timothy Johnson, BS, Exercise Science


Waterfall 16689

Olivia Mills, BA, Education


West Newton 15089

Ashlee Diemert, BA, Education


Windber 15963

Abbey Polash, BM, Music


Windsor 17366

Tanner Druck, BA, Mathematics



Columbia 29229

Jarvis McClam, BS, Sports Management



Collierville 38017

Cheyenne Bray, MBA, Business Administration



Leesburg 20175

Jesser Boulnemour, MBA, Business Administration



Kingshill 00851

Matthias Clarke, BA, Mathematics



Puyallup 98373

Michael Brako, BS, Computer Science

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