The JoAnne Boyle World Affairs Forum at Seton Hill University held an afternoon tea in the Parlors of the Administration Building on Wednesday, March 18. Faculty members and students were invited to participate in this dialogue.

“I’m mostly interested in meeting the students and hearing what is on their minds. I love to know what they are reading, following in national and international news, listening to, valuing in their educational experiences,” said JoAnne Boyle, Seton Hill University president and guest speaker. “I want to use this time to learn from you. I presume that everyone always wants to know more about the world, so, I’m curious as to what you are reading. Right now, I’m reading a series of Harlan Coben books. I’m a huge fan of detective mystery.”

Students and faculty responded to the question with various styles of literature.
“I’m reading ‘The Shack,’” said Sister Lois Sculco, S.C., vice president for mission and student life. “It’s an interesting story about the spirit of God and Jesus.”

Anne Williams, a junior new media journalism and political science major, attended the tea because it’s a nice way to relax after classes at the end of the day.

“I like to see who comes to the Afternoon Teas. I’ve never met some of the faculty who attend so it’s interesting to hear what they have to say about the topics. I also like the fact that professors and students can openly discuss the topics in a relaxed atmosphere, where the line kind of fades between the student and teacher. It’s just a group of people getting together to sip coffee and tea and chat,” Williams said.

As the tea concluded, Boyle said Seton Hill University is growing and developing young, brilliant people. “By holding Afternoon Teas, the Seton Hill community has a wonderful opportunity to continue the development of their intellectual curiosity and stimulation with faculty members and students, especially on the topic of literature.”

Frank Klapak, Ph.D., professor in communication and education and director of the World Affairs Forum at Seton Hill University explained, “The World Affairs Forum decided to have President Boyle host the tea because she has much to offer students on a personal, social, and educational level.”

“It was nice chance to talk to the president of our school in an intimate atmosphere,” said Williams.

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The JoAnne Boyle World Affairs Form was designed to help develop a community of informed citizens by bringing together people of diverse and independent voice, politic, belief, idea, ability, vocation, learning, philosophy and action. The World Affairs Forum also creates experiential environments, discussions, such as Afternoon Tea, and activities that initiate and foster a greater understanding of social, geopolitical, and cultural issues.