On April 24, Arbor Day, the World Affairs Forum hosted a two-part Arbor Day event, “Celebration of the Earth” and “Celebration of the Tree” near DeChantal Hall on Seton Hill University’s Greensburg, Pa. campus.

During the Celebration of the Earth, students and faculty members participated by writing a prayer or wish on a biodegradable tree prayer strip and attached the strip to the tree. Every time the wind blows, the prayer or wish is sent out on the wind.

The event consisted of three readings and a prayer by William Black, director of archives, followed by a moment of silence. The World Affairs Forum also planted pumpkin seeds for the pumpkin patch they will begin.

“We're starting the pumpkin patch because it's truly a way to follow the three Rs: reuse, reduce, and recycle. The pumpkin patch can be used for multiple purposes, such as food and carving jack o’ lanterns in the fall,” said Gabrielle White, senior communications major and student president of the JoAnne Boyle World Affairs Forum.
The Celebration of the Tree involved an interfaith ceremony as well as Native American chants and poetry recitations.

“It is important to the World Affairs Forum to celebrate Arbor Day because as our mission says we want to inform people to create global citizens. The environment is a global issue and if the World Affairs Forum can plant one tree each year, that tiny act will add up and make a difference,” White said.

“The World Affairs Forum plants a tree every year in recognition of Arbor Day. Last year was the first time we held this celebration,” said Anne Williams, junior communications and political science major and World Affairs Forum member. “It’s a nice way to get people together to share the earth and the trees on campus are something that we can take care of as a college community.”