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As a veteran and non-traditional student at Seton Hill, Harry Damerow was apprehensive about how he would use technology in the classroom.

“My main concerns were ‘would I know how to use the technology?’ and ‘how am I going to stay up to date in all my classes?’” said Damerow. “Quite honestly, transitioning to the iPad was very easy and it helps keep me on schedule for all my classes.”

Damerow, who is attending Seton Hill through the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, loves the 24/7 access he has to all his class assignments through GriffinGate.

“I use my iPad to communicate with my professors and classmates instantly,” said Damerow. “The faculty at Seton Hill are learning the new technology just like we are and they are doing a great job sharing new information with us.”
Damerow enjoys using WikiSpace on his iPad.

“As a non-traditional student, I do not always have a flexible schedule,” said Damerow. “When I have to work in a group, I like using WikiSpace. I can meet with my group mates on projects via WikiSpace. We no longer have to be in one location to meet. It is so convenient.”