Coronavirus Important Updates

Dr. Terrance DePasquale has been named Seton Hill University’s Associate Provost.

His appointment to the newly created post was made by then President JoAnne Boyle.

Dr. DePasquale had most recently served as Dean of Graduate and External Programs at Seton Hill. As Associate Provost, Dr. DePasquale will continue his oversight of graduate programs.

While Dr. DePasquale’s primary focus has been graduate programs, international efforts and the College in High School and Dual Enrollment Programs, he also has been involved in assisting Provost and Dean of the Faculty Mary Ann Gawelek with overseeing all educational programs at Seton Hill and with the development and implementation of new programs.

“Dr. DePasquale’s new title truly reflects his involvement with all facets of the educational offerings at Seton Hill, including program accreditation,” Gawelek said. “This title change recognizes the valuable work he has been doing at Seton Hill.”

"I certainly appreciate the recognition of my work and my service here,” Dr. DePasquale said. “I think the new title allows me to get involved in more areas within the institution and its strategic planning process, and I look forward to and embrace that challenge."

A Greensburg native, Dr. DePasquale earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and his doctorate in education from the University of Georgia.

Dr. DePasquale holds teacher certification and specialization in foreign language education K-12 and taught both classical and modern languages for 18 years in the public schools. He has been involved in teacher training since 1984 and served on the Board of Reviewers for the National Standards on Foreign Language Education.

Since arriving at Seton Hill in 1990 as a faculty member in the Education Program, Dr. DePasquale has served as department chair, division chair and director of the first master's program.

In 2002, he became associate dean for Graduate Studies and Education Programs. In 2006, he assumed the position of dean of Graduate and International Programs and subsequently became dean of Graduate and External Programs.