Sports Management Grad Working With Washington Capitals

Christian Carter watched the movie, “Jerry McGuire,” when he was 7 years old and decided on a career. 

“I realized there are people that work behind the scenes ... who make everything happen,” Carter recalls. “I wanted to know how to become that.” 

Carter played football for four years at Seton Hill while earning a sports management degree. At William & Mary, he focused on marketing and entrepreneurship for his MBA. 

His “office” now is Capital One Arena, where he works at every Washington Capitals ice hockey game. “We provide service to the client and/or the fans, depending on the partnership we have,” he says. 

“It’s pretty cool stuff – access to the arena, the team, the entire business of the operations of sports,” says Carter, who also has worked with top pro athletes at fundraisers. 

His role at each game varies, from engaging with fans to documenting their experiences for social media. He promotes partner brands through popups, ads and commercials across media outlets and assures that client guests are taken care of. 

“It’s an excited nervousness to realize the dreams that you studied about in sports management class,” Carter says. “I hope to be able to transition to athlete representation, to continue to capitalize on the window that’s beginning to open.” 

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