Spanish/Communication Double Major Finds Calling in Advocacy Work

Kaylee Pivirotto is a first-generation college student who has discovered a passion for advocacy work. She has been able to tailor her educational experience to pursue that passion by adding a major and multiple minors.  She recently answered a few questions about her Seton Hill experience, and her plans for the future.

Why did you choose to double major in Spanish and Communication? 

I came into Seton Hill wanting only to study Spanish. Foreign languages and the study of cultures has always been something I wanted to do. I loved the intimacy and support of the Spanish program at Seton Hill

As I continued to take classes, I found a lot of my passions fell in advocacy subjects. I was introduced to Dr. Jones,  Associate Professor of Communications and Marketing and Communications Coordinator in the Business School. She really encouraged me to join the Communication program, taking on the nonprofit and advocacy track of the major. The addition of  Communication to my existing Spanish major, Gender and Women’s Study minor, and Medical Spanish minor worked so well that I ended up adding a third and final minor—Sociology. 

All of these focuses pertain to the study of foreign languages and culture and have taught me how to be a true advocate for marginalized voices. 

"Having a humanities and liberal arts-based approach to my education and mindset allowed me to flourish in my passions."

How would you describe your experience having majors in both the School of Humanities and the School of Business? 

I would definitely say that these majors are super complementary.  Being in both schools brings me multiple opportunities to learn from different perspectives. Having a major and three minors in the Humanities means I am often much more involved in that side of things. On the other hand, the Business School has given me so many professional development opportunities - such as attending the 2022 IACBE Student Case Competition in Costa Mesa, California. On that trip, I was able to combine my business and humanities-driven skills to create a marketing plan for a company while paying close attention to the importance of having authentically shown diversity, equity, and inclusion within their brand. The marketing plan that we presented ended up winning third place in the competition, which was such an honor. Having such a humanities-based mindset in the School of Business brings a different level of learning and perspective to subject matter. 

Can you explain the "Project Home" initiative and the work you have done with this project? 

Project H.O.M.E. is a group of facilitators, students, and advocates who aim to make Seton Hill more of a “home” for all. We do this by honoring the mission of Seton Hill while simultaneously respecting what makes up the “home” part of Project H.O.M.E. - honor, openness, magnification and education. We as a group strive to honor those around us through open communication and open minds. We hope to magnify silenced voices and educate ourselves and others on the importance of inclusivity. 

I have worked with Project H.O.M.E. as a part of the inaugural cohort. We all underwent a long interview process to eventually be chosen as the ten students in the cohort. The other nine students and I have undergone training from Project H.O.M.E. founder and Seton Hill alum Labrea Pringle in anti-racism, diversity, equity, inclusion, and much more to aid us in facilitating inclusion-promoting events and conversations across campus. 

What are your career goals moving forward and how has your time at Seton Hill helped to prepare you to reach those goals?

I hope to attend graduate school for Hispanic Studies while looking at translations/interpretation certifications in Spanish.  A master's degree would help me in my ultimate goal of working for a nonprofit or nongovernmental organization. This is something Seton Hill showed me I was passionate about. Having a humanities and liberal arts-based approach to my education and mindset allowed me to flourish in my passions - hence why I have two majors and three minors!