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Award-winning author and Seton Hill University alumna Laurie Alice Eakes has written and recently released “Lady in the Mist,” which is published by Revell, a division of the Baker Publishing Group.

“Lady in the Mist” tells the story of Tabitha Eckles, a midwife. Tabitha knows the most intimate secrets of the women and families for whom she cares. While the women in the town of Seabourne, Va., are drawn to Tabitha’s warmth and caring ways, the men are wary. “Lady in the Mist” is set in 1809 when relations between America and England rest on the edge of a knife. Tabitha crosses paths with Dominick Cherrett, a British aristocrat who is working as an indentured servant on American soil. This chance meeting leads to both Tabitha and Dominick keeping secrets through a twisted path of kidnappings, death threats and public disgrace.

“Lady in the Mist” is part one of a trilogy of books set in America and at sea between 1809 and 1842 that will feature midwives as the protagonists. The remainder of the books will be released in 2012 and 2013.

Eakes, of southern Texas, is a full-time writer. Since 2002, Eakes has published 10 books, including “The Widow’s Secret,” “Family Guardian,” winner of the 2006 National Readers’ Choice Award for Best Regency, “Wild Prairie Roses,” “Better than Gold,” “The Glassblower,” “The Heiress,” “The Newcomer,” “When the Snow Flies,” “Lady in the Mist” and “Jersey Brides,” which will be released in March 2011. Eakes obtained her Master of Arts degree in writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University.

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