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Seton Hill University students Lara Heinz and Sarah Noone have been awarded scholarships through the Irish-American Scholar Program to study in Ireland during the spring 2010 semester. Heinz, of Austinburg, Ohio, will be studying marketing at the University of Ulster at the Belfast campus. Noone, of Blairsville, Pa., will study traditional Irish music at Queens University, also in Belfast, Ireland.

“I’m a double major in graphic design and marketing at Seton Hill. When I spoke with my advisors, I decided to study marketing at the University of Ulster. I also hope to learn more about international marketing and business,” said Heinz.

Heinz is not a stranger to studying abroad. She spent five weeks studying in Barcelona, Spain, during the summer of 2008.

“It is a wonderful experience to study abroad. It is important to learn different viewpoints. To have the opportunity to study international business in another country is priceless. I know this will have an impact on my career,” said Heinz.

Noone, a vocal performance and sacred music major at Seton Hill, echoes Heinz’s comments.

“I know this experience will open new doors for me. I can grow professionally and personally,” said Noone. “I have a strong connection to Ireland. My grandmother is 100 percent Irish and my mother is actually seeking dual citizenship. I am very proud of my Irish heritage. Through my studies in Ireland, I hope to learn how Irish music affected the culture and the impact that it had on the people.”

Heinz and Noone learned of the scholarship program in January 2009. Both completed an application that included a 500-word essay describing educational objectives for study in Northern Ireland and provided references and academic transcripts. They each learned in March 2009 that they received scholarships to study abroad. The tuition and fees will be waived at the institutions at which they will study. They will be responsible for their room, board, books, and travel costs.

The Irish-American Scholar Program is sponsored by the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities, the United Methodist Church, and the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. The program operates in cooperation with the Business Education Initiative of Northern Ireland, Queens University, University of Ulster, Belfast Metropolitan College, Saint Mary’s College, and Stramillis University College.