Seton Hill University has introduced a new undergraduate degree offering for the fall of 2009. The Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management incorporates a liberal arts curriculum with core business and sports management courses. Curriculum for the major adheres to the national guidelines of the Sports Management Association. Students enrolled in the Sports Management program will complete 66 credits in the major. Of these credits, 24 credits are core management courses, 36 credits are interdisciplinary courses on the foundation of sports management, and six credits in a minimum of 240 hours in an internship.

The field of sports management is growing rapidly and a professional has the opportunity to engage in a rewarding career. Graduates of sports management programs can apply their education in professional sales and marketing, and sports psychology. Sports management professionals may work with corporations in developing promotions, sponsorships, and marketing activities; focus on sports law and administration; coordinate and manage sports events and conferences; serve as sales representatives or regional managers for the sporting goods industry; enter the sports broadcasting and media relations field.

Seton Hill is uniquely suited to offer a comprehensive learning experience in the field of sports management. In addition to attaining a solid liberal arts foundation, students in the Sports Management Program will benefit from the expertise of Seton Hill’s business faculty.

“Seton Hill is very responsive to the needs of its students. With the expansion of the University, we felt a program in Sports Management with an emphasis on business would serve a number of current and future students,” said Paul Mahady, M.B.A., assistant professor of business.

“Seton Hill University is excited about starting the Sports Management major within the liberal arts context. It allows the University to ground the study of sports within the context of philosophy, ethics, and culture in which sports occur. It is also a great match with our strong existing business and hospitality and tourism studies, as well as, our extensive athletic programs,” said Mary Ann Gawelek, Ed.D., provost and dean of faculty.

For more information about Seton Hill’s sports management program, call the Office of Admissions at 1-800-826-6234.