Seton Hill University Confers 146 Degrees at December Commencement Exercises

Seton Hill University graduated 146 students during its December 14, 2015 commencement exercises. 

The commencement ceremonies were held in the Katherine Mabis McKenna Center on Seton Hill’s Greensburg, Pa. campus. Susan Yochum, SC, Ph.D., acting provost, presented the candidates for degrees, and Mary C. Finger, Ed.D., Seton Hill president, conferred the degrees. The December commencement ceremonies included students who had earned their degrees in August and December 2015. 

Seton Hill University December 2015 Graduates (students listed geographically by home residence): 



St. Catharines L2P 1H8 

Brady Lawrence, B.A., Criminal Justice 

United States


Eureka 95501 

Kerri Malloy, Genocide and Holocaust Studies Certificate 

Inglewood 90305 

Marcus Peterson, B.S., Business Administration 


Miami 33170 

Lance Williams, B.A., Criminal Justice 

Tamarac 33319 

Evan Tran, M.S., Orthodontics 


Boston 02109 

Nicole Rossi, B.A., Education 


Bowie 20715 

Joseph Gorirossi, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Elkridge 21075 

Hayley McLean, B.A., Theatre 

Grantsville 21536 

Amanda Fischetti, M.A., Special Education 

Hyattsville 20783 

Arthur Tsapdong, B.A., General Studies 

Mechanicsville 20659 

Kaitlyn Seekford, B.M., Music 

New York 

Belmont 14813 

Brianna Presutti, B.A., Psychology 

Cazenovia 13035 

Benjamin Lewis, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Kings Park 11754 

Michael Soria, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Webster 14580 

Kim Armbruster, B.A., Management 


Liberty Township 45011 

Natalie Andrews, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy 


Ambridge 15003 

Britney Taylor, B.A., Biology 

Ardara 15615 

Carlie Capponi, B.A., Education 

Bovard 15619 

Jamie Shirley, B.S., Business Administration 

Brackenridge 15014 

Emily Maeder, M.A., Elementary/Middle Level Education 

Connellsville 15425 

William Jones, B.S., Accounting 

Coraopolis 15108 

Meghan Mastroianni, B.A., Education 

Derry 15627 

Emily Elkin, B.A., Criminal Justice 

Norma Moore, B.A., Human Services 

Erie 16509 

Margaret Hoag, B.A., Communication 

Export 15632 

Richard Hohn, B.A., Criminal Justice 

Jessica Jones, B.S., Business Administration 

Philip Pisone, M.A., Special Education 

Finleyville 15332 

Alexandra Tranchini, B.A., Biology 

Gibsonia 15044 

Domenic Jungling, B.A., Theatre 

Benjamin Strong, B.A., General Studies 

Glenshaw 15116 

Sharonda Cox, M.A., Art Therapy 

Grapeville 15634 

Samuel Moffa, B.S., Sports Management 

Greensburg 15601 

Scott Anderson, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Natasha Andrews, M.S. and B.S., Physician Assistant 

Sarah Bahtishi, B.S., Business Administration 

Kathryn Banchiere, B.S., Business Administration 

Sean Borris, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy 

Carolyn Bringe, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Alycia Derito, B.F.A., Art 

Maria Emanuele, B.A., Education 

Jacob Goughnour, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy 

Marilyn Gruber, B.S., Business 

Alexis Hawkins, B.A., Psychology 

Erik Hayden, B.S., Business Administration 

Brooke Hebrank, B.A., Education 

Jordan Hohn, B.S., Business Administration 

Jessica Houghtalen, B.A., Biology 

Kelly Howell, B.S., Business Administration 

Algeron Johnson, B.S., Biology 

Jason Jones, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Sara Millar, B.A., Education 

Eileen Moffa, B.A., Communication 

Nicole Nalevanko, B.S., Business Administration 

Cameron Pampus, B.M., Music 

Benjamin Pardus, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Zachary Prucnal, B.A., Education 

Melissa Schilling, B.A., Business 

Esther Spurlock, B.A., Mathematics 

William Sweeney, M.S., Orthodontics 

Kyle Tomko, B.S., Business Administration 

Justin Tressler, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy 

Indiana 15701 

Alyssa Waryck, M.A., Special Education 

Irwin 15642 

Ashley Bodnar, M.A., Special Education 

Melanie Dean, B.A., Education 

Khadija Layne, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy 

Jeannette 15644 

Brittany Allen, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Amanda Bernard, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Katherine Hartman, B.S., Business Administration 

Nicole Howard, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Craig Sonneveld, M.S. and M.B.A., Orthodontics and Business Administration 

Keith Tuccarello, B.A., Business 

Latrobe 15650 

Ashley Dunlop, B.A., Criminal Justice 

Sara Fox, B.S., Business Administration 

Cynthia Love, B.S., Business Administration 

Paul Markle, M.A., Special Education 

Elizabeth Mickinac, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Nancy Proano-Wise, M.S., Orthodontics 

Meredith Saunders, B.A., Communication 

Desiree Tomey, B.A., Human Services 

Christine Weller, B.A., Human Services 

Janna Wilson, B.A., Psychology 

Leechburg 15656 

Dawn Andrasy, B.S., Accounting 

Taylor Whaley, B.A., Sociology 

Ligonier 15658 

Lauren Busch, M.S., Orthodontics 

Kaitlin Collins-Orr, M.B.A., Business Administration 

McKeesport 15132 

Daryl Anderson, B.F.A., Art 

McKeesport 15133 

Lauren Peretich, B.A. , Mathematics 

McKeesport 15135 

Lindsey Jacko, B.A., Biology 

Monongahela 15063 

Stephanie Guzik, B.F.A., Art 

Natrona Heights 15065 

Abby Hetrick, B.S., Biology 

New Alexandria 15670 

Mark DeMaria, M.S., Orthodontics 

Allan Kern, B.S.W., Social Work 

New Castle 16105 

Nicholas Totin, B.A., Journalism 

New Derry 15671 

Lynn DeCario, B.S., Business Administration 

New Kensington 15068 

Maureen Pallone, M.B.A., Business Administration 

North Huntingdon 15642 

Suzanne Brown, B.A., Human Services 

Gregory Brozak, B.S., Business Administration 

Dymphena Clark, B.A., Business 

Holly Miller, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Amanda Staso, M.A., Special Education 

Anthony Testa, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Natasha Williams, B.A., Human Services 

North Irwin 15642 

Kaitlyn Rice, B.A., Art 

North Wales 19454 

Patrick Owens, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Penn 15675 

Melinda Maccarelli, M.A., Special Education 

Pitcairn 15140 

Victoria Miller, B.A., Sociology 

Pittsburgh 15204 

Sean Scott, B.A., Education 

Pittsburgh 15212 

Corrin Corbin, M.A., Art Therapy 

Michelle Paylo, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy 

Pittsburgh 15214 

Anna Dzyub, B.S., Forensic Science 

Pittsburgh 15215 

Julie Dellert, B.A., Art 

Pittsburgh 15227 

Melissa Ferranti, B.M., Music 

Pittsburgh 15237 

Brad Comport, M.A., Special Education 

Pittsburgh 15239 

Crystal Albanese, B.A., Biology 

Alyssa Liberato, B.A., Criminal Justice 

Pittsburgh 15243 

Krista Albitz, B.M., Music 

Roseto 18013 

Kerri Miller, Autism Certificate 

Rural Valley 16249 

Jessica Evans, B.S., Hospitality & Tourism 

Sarver 16055 

Timothy Borrelli, B.A., History 

Smithton 15479 

David Greenawalt, B.S., Business Administration 

Tracy Kelley, M.A., Special Education 

Jared Williams, B.S., Biology 

Spring Church 15686 

Sherry Hodak, B.S., Accounting 

Stonesboro 16153 

Dana Craig, M.S., Orthodontics 

Tarentum 15084 

Sarah Tady, B.A., Art 

Trafford 15085 

Alison Chesky, B.A., Education 

Uniontown 15401 

George Muzika, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Christopher Welch, B.M., Music 

Vintondale 15961 

Sarah Harmotta, B.S. in Honors, Hospitality & Tourism 

West Newton 15089 

Jean Litavic, B.A., Human Services 

Joseph Vas, B.S., Business Administration 

White Oak 15131 

Andrew Lonigro, M.A., Elementary/Middle Level Education 

Patrick Lupo, M.B.A., Business Administration 

Jacqueline Lynch, M.B.A., Business Administration 

West Virginia

Keyser 26726 

Elizabeth Dohony, B.A., Art

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