Seton Hill University celebrated commencement exercises on December 10, 2012, in the Salvitti Gymnasium which is located in the Katherine Mabis McKenna Center on Seton Hill University’s hilltop campus. Mary Ann Gawelek, Ed.D., provost and dean of the faculty, presented the candidates for degrees, and JoAnne Boyle, Seton Hill University president, conferred the degrees. Susan Yochum, S.C., Ph.D., professor, chemistry, served as commencement speaker. Seton Hill presented Peter J. Jannetta, M.D., with an honorary Doctor of Science degree and Diana R. Jannetta with an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree.

The December 10 commencement ceremony included students who earned degrees in August and December 2012.

Seton Hill University December 2012 Graduates (students listed geographically by home residence):



Airdrie T4B 2J4
Jordon Sealock, M.B.A., Business Administration


Oakville L6H 3E3
Mathew Bertrand, M.B.A., Business Administration

Ottawa K2T 1G6
Gregory Daviault, B.S., Business


Bangkok 10110
Piratta Athakravisoonthorn, B.S., Accounting



Irvine 92606
Kurt Bui, M.S. and Orthodontics Certificate, Orthodontics

Murrieta 92563
Danilo Bautista, B.A., Business


Jacksonville 32209
Keeno Griffin, M.A., Special Education


Ipswich 01938
Erica McCarthy, B.A., Political Science


Salisbury 21801
Wendy Scott, B.A., Communication

Westminster 21157
Katherine Zaleskiewicz, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences


Grand Rapids 49548
Christopher Barnett, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy


Bismark 58504
Daniel Keith, M.S. and Orthodontics Certificate, Orthodontics


Cleveland 44108
James Henderson, B.A., Business

Cleveland Heights 44121
Robert Jordan, B.A., Criminal Justice

Wellsville 43968
Nathan Carman, B.A., Criminal Justice


Yukon 73099
Ryan Williams, M.S. and Orthodontics Certificate, Orthodontics


Adah 15410
Jennifer Tressler, M.A., Elementary Education

Allentown 18104
Austin Recker, B.S., Accounting

Altoona 16601
Jennifer Langer, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy

Belle Vernon 15012
Mallory Boscan, M.S., Physician Assistant
Adam Gillingham, B.A., Criminal Justice

Boswell 15531
Noel Love, B.A., Mathematics

Butler 16002
Julie Kupec, Autism Certificate

Cheswick 15024
Kathleen Sanford, B.M., Music

Claridge 15623
Barry Kistler, B.A., Mathematics
Nicole Wersing, B.A., Psychology

Coal Center 15423
Carly Malone, B.A., Psychology
Jessica Martin, B.A., Political Science

Connellsville 15425
Lindsay Daniels, B.S., Business
Emily Kozel, B.S., Accounting
Danyelle Roadman, B.A., Art
Susan Smith, B.S., Business

Delmont 15626
Kelli Alfieri, B.A., Communication
Angel Stahl, M.A., Elementary Education

Derry 15627
Charlene George, Autism Certificate
Lindsay Houser, B.A., Art
Brandylee Rudy, M.A. and Autism Certificate, Inclusive Education

East McKeesport 15035
Robert Edwards, B.A., Psychology

Easton 18042
Sean Monahan, B.S., Accounting

Elizabethtown 17022
Anna Libby, B.S., Biology

Export 15632
Sammantha Arnold, B.S., Business
Lauren Deithorn, M.B.A., Business Administration
Sarah Kerr, M.A., Special Education
Bethani Lodovico, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences and Psychology
Michael Pauly, M.B.A., Business Administration
Julianne Sticha, B.S., Biology

Glassport 15045
Karlee Cleary, B.A., Communication

Greensburg 15601
Jennifer Altman, M.A., Elementary Education
Molly Beavers, M.A., Special Education
Christopher Clark, M.B.A., Business Administration
Sherilyn Dallas-Stern, Autism Certificate
Robert Errett, M.B.A., Business Administration
Tammy Fisher, B.A., Human Services
Jacob Goughnour, B.A., Psychology
Danene Haines, B.A., Human Services
Samantha Hurst, M.B.A., Business Administration
Justin Iellimo, B.A., Mathematics
Scott Jones, B.S., Business
Wendy Jorgensen, M.B.A., Business Administration
Jessica Jupena, M.B.A., Business Administration
Robert Kantorik, B.A., Business
Cynthia Leonard, M.Ed., Instructional Design
Pamela Leonard, M.A. and Autism Certificate, Inclusive Education
Christine Mahady, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy
Katie Marsteller, M.A. and Autism Certificate, Special Education
Brittany Marton, M.B.A., Business Administration
Tiffany Menhorn, M.B.A., Business Administration
Sadie Miller, M.A., Elementary Education
Susan Myers, B.S., Business
John Nehrig, B.S., Sports Management
Terrance Obney, M.B.A., Business Administration
Kourie Ofcansky, M.A., Special Education
Rebecca Oxford, M.S., Physician Assistant
Benjamin Pardus, M.S., Business
Katharine Prucnal, M.A., Art Therapy
Brittany Rathgeb, B.S., Biology
Jonathon Robb, B.A., Business
Bradd Saltzgiver, M.A., Special Education
Dalenne Sauers, M.A., Art Therapy
Carrie Sierka, B.A., Business
Heath Smith, M.S. and Orthodontics Certificate, Orthodontics
Kristofer Smith, M.A. and Autism Certificate, Special Education
John Testa, M.Ed., Instructional Design
Rachele Tito, M.A., Special Education
Stephen Troglio, M.B.A., Business Administration
Kenneth Trumbetta, M.B.A., Business Administration
Alicia Williams, B.S., Business
Jinhui Zhao, M.B.A., Business Administration
Terry Ziegler, B.A., Business
Katie Zuzik, B.M., Music and Religious Studies

Houston 15342
Caitlin Conwell, B.S., Biology
Rebecca Milliken, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences

Hunker 15639
Ethan Drake, M.S. and Orthodontics Certificate, Orthodontics
MaryAnne Shirey, B.S., Accounting

Indiana 15701
Ronald Oswald, M.B.A., Business Administration

Irwin 15642
Deana DiPaolo, B.S., Business
Michael Krisfalusi, M.A., Elementary Education
Eric Nese, M.A., Inclusive Education
Amanda Newell, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy
David Quel, Autism Certificate
Morgan Stouffer, B.M., Music
Angela Weber, B.S., Accounting

Jeannette 15644
Jacquelyn Baker, B.S., Business
Ryan Cameron, B.A., History
Keeley DiMartino, M.A., Elementary Education
Abigail Graham-Pardus, M.S., Physician Assistant
Jennifer Marshall, B.S., Business
Lindsey Osselburn, B.S., Business
Carly Renwick-Bugay, B.S., Business
Nicholas Spino, B.S., Sports Management

Johnstown 15902
Kaylee Tomak, B.S., Hospitality and Tourism

Lansdale 19446
Gregory Chaples, M.B.A., Business Administration

Larimer 15647
Lori Kamauf, B.S., Accounting

Latrobe 15650
Lori Butina, B.A., Business
Tammy Dietrich, B.A., Human Services
Carolyn Frye, M.B.A., Business Administration
Kristi Greene, B.A., Human Services
Joseph Jamison, B.S., Business
Ryan Moorhead, B.A., Business

Level Green 15085
Anthony Johnston, B.S., Business

Ligonier 15658
Kelly Komar, B.A., Criminal Justice
Lauren Korneke, M.A., Elementary Education
Edward Roberts, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy

Lower Burrell 15068
Katie Cristofaro, B.A., Spanish

Manor 15665
Kimberly Haile, M.A., Special Education

McIntyre 15756
Kellie McCully, B.A., Business

McKeesport 15133
Heather Brown, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy
Michael Puskaric, B.A., Communication

Mohnton 19540
Brandon Ferrari, B.A., Mathematics

Monessen 15062
Lauren Sciacca, B.A., Communication

Monongahela 15063
Erica DeStefano, M.B.A., Business Administration

Monroeville 15146
Ryan Milko, B.S., Business
Jacqueline Ruane, M.A., Elementary Education

Mt. Pleasant 15666
Rachael Bell-Broadwater, M.B.A., Business Administration
Cory Fox, B.S., Biology
Brooke Gallentine, M.A., Elementary Education
Gretchen Horrell, M.B.A., Business Administration
Christina Noel, M.B.A., Business Administration
Joseph Potocki, M.B.A., Business Administration
Deborah Salopek, B.A., Human Services
Samantha Shaffer, B.A., Psychology
Melissa Shields, M.B.A., Business Administration
Margaret Zelenak, B.S., Business

Murrysville 15668
Kristen Oslosky, M.A., Special Education
Timothy Rabe, B.S., Biology
Amanda Thompson, B.S., Business

New Kensington 15068
Meagan Gemperlein, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences

New Stanton 15672
Tressa Snoke, M.A., Inclusive Education
Susan Willson, B.S., Business

North Huntingdon 15642
Jessica Bitar, B.A., Business
Autumn Craft, M.A., Elementary Education
Michelle Grabiak, M.B.A., Business Administration
Victoria Klipa, B.F.A., Art
Susanne Kokoska, M.B.A. Business Administration
Kinsey Removcik, M.B.A., Business Administration
Kristie Smith, B.A., Business
Tara Jenkner, B.A., Psychology

Pittsburgh 15205
Paul Woods, B.A., Communication

Pittsburgh 15207
Meagan Berry, B.A., Psychology

Pittsburgh 15214
Ashley North Cook, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy

Pittsburgh 15215
Maryann Fausold, B.A., Art

Pittsburgh 15226
Richard Behana, M.B.A., Business Administration
Paul Reiser, B.A., Psychology

Pittsburgh 15227
Lauren McKee, B.M., Music
Mark Smith, M.B.A., Business Administration

Pittsburgh 15232
Wanying Kang, M.B.A., Business Administration
Morgan Rutledge, M.S. and Orthodontics Certificate, Orthodontics

Pittsburgh 15235
Dale Harrison, B.A., Political Science
Tatyana Martin, B.M., Music

Pittsburgh 15238
Meghan Kennedy, B.A., Business

Pittsburgh 15239
Gina Stover, B.A., Psychology

Plum 15239
Emily Pferdehirt, M.A., Elementary Education

Sarver 16055
Dianne Durst, M.A., Elementary Education
Amanda Mientus, B.S., Business

Scottdale 15683
Lori Brooks, B.A., Human Services
David Long, B.S., Business
Bryan Meteny, B.S., Sports Management
Erin Negri, B.A., Psychology

Smithton 15479
Nichole Anderson, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences
Rebecca Beregi, B.S., Business

Springdale 15144
Haley Seiler, B.M., Music

Stoystown 15563
Stephanie Zolla, B.M., Music

Sycamore 15364
Ashlee Bird, B.S.W., Social Work

Uniontown 15401
Dana Ciarrocchi, B.S., Biology

West Chester 19380
Mary Montgomery, M.A., Special Education

West Newton 15089
Rebecca Cook, B.A., Business
George Sam, B.A., Business

White Oak 15131
Robyn Stojakovich, M.B.A., Business Administration

Youngwood 15697
Shawn Boyle, M.B.A., Business Administration
Rhonda Wilkins, B.A., Human Services

Zelienople 16063
Jennifer Lachendro, M.A. and Autism Certificate, Inclusive Education


Austin 78752
Abigail Pilling, B.M., Music


Locust Grove 22508
Kelli Thomas, B.A., Business


St. Croix 00823
Mackiesh Taylor, B.A., Criminal Justice

St. Thomas 00801
Nancy Mercado, B.A., Criminal Justice
Peaches Ostalaza, B.A., English


Triadelphia 26059
Mary Dimmey, B.S., Dietetics