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Seton Hill Students & Faculty Travel to the UK

This past May, a group of students and faculty traveled to the United Kingdom through Seton Hill's Study Away Program. The group included theatre, dance, hospitality and tourism, chemistry, forensic science and art majors. Erika Wisniewski (SHU '16), a chemistry and forensic science major, kept a blog during the trip to share her experiences.

"I can honestly say that the blog is the best souvenir that I have from the trip. It is something I can continually go back to and read and remember all the great times I had while I was overseas. I was able to reflect on different aspects of the trip daily which allowed me to record my real emotions and thoughts."

Erika Wisniewski

Another student, Angela Mazzocco (SHU '17), took over Seton Hill's Instagram account while in London. View the takeover in the slideshow below.