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Joshua Sasmor, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics, presented a paper, “What does the Julia Set for f(z) =z^{5/2}-1/2+i/10 Really Look Like,” at the 2010 MathFest conference, which was held in Pittsburgh, Pa., August 5-7.

Recent Seton Hill University graduate Justin Ryan assisted Sasmor with the research on this project. Sasmor and Ryan investigated the Julia Set for f(z) =z^{5/2}-1/2+i/10, generated using different algorithms.

According to Sasmor, “The common escape-time algorithm is shown to be insufficient. The interval of the branch cut is of vital importance to the convergence of points. The new code is written to examine both the behavior of the branch cut and the nature of the Julia Set itself.”

The 2010 MathFest Conference provided a program rich with varied events and activities for mathematicians, faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students and high school teachers.