GREENSBURG, PA- The Seton Hill archives office, directed by Sr. Mary Alma Vandervest, recently received a $5,000 grant through the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission for archives management. The grant will provide for the purchase of materials to deacidify, refolder and rebox approximately 400 linear feet of paper records. Records will include material from Seton Hill College (1918 – present), St Joseph Academy (1883-1947), St. Mary’s School for Small Boys (1889-1927) and the Alumnae Associations of the Academy and the College which merged in 1961. The grant will also provide for Pro-Line sleeves for the protection and storage of photographs of college/academy personnel, student activities and college/academy events. “The grant will allow us to preserve valuable links to the College’s past,” Bill Black, assistant to Sr. Mary Alma said. Plans are for Sr. Mary Alma to handle the preserving of photographs while Black will be in charge of cleaning and preserving paper materials with additional help form college work study students. The entire process will take one year to complete.