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Seton Hill Art Grad Named Emerging Artist of the Year

Saige Baxter found an outlet for her artistic passion while at the same time helping young people.

Baxter, named Emerging Artist of the Year in 2019 by the Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media, held a solo show of her work “You May See Them,” at the PCA in the fall. The show featured Baxter’s interactive sculptures.

Her art may be her passion, but Baxter loves combining that with teaching. For two years, she worked as the Creative Arts Classroom Advisor and an after-school teaching artist for Propel Schools, a Pittsburgh-area company of charter schools. Baxter also has worked as a welding mentor for Pittsburgh’s Mobile Sculpture Workshop for the past four years. During this summertime project, Baxter and community members create with metal fabrication and welding, with a spirit of creativity and teamwork.

"All young people deserve the right to have art in their lives”

Baxter’s art studies at Seton Hill focused on painting, but in her junior year, Art Program Director Pati Beachley – who continues to guide her former student – introduced her to welding. Baxter immediately fell in love with this form of expression, which started her work with steel.

Next, Baxter plans to earn her master’s degree to gain her teaching certification and further her art practice.

“All young people deserve the right to have art in their lives, whether it’s for personal exploration, team bonding, tackling social issues, or simply for fun,” she says. 

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