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On Thursday, April 15, 2010, Seton Hill University’s Communication Honor Society, Phi Gamma, hosted Kelley Murray Skoloda, who spoke to Seton Hill students about public relations and the career choices students will have in this field. Skoloda, a graduate of Seton Hill University, is the partner and director of global brand marketing practice for Ketchum Public Relations.

Skoloda began the conversation with her unique perspective on the practice of public relations in this challenging first decade of the millennium and beyond. The scope of her experience in communication spans more than two decades at Ketchum, a top ten global communication agency. She is also the author of “Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to ‘Multi-Minding’ Women,” which highlights the challenges of marketing to women.

“Despite the recession, I feel that the public relations field has been able to stand strong and thrive,” said Skoloda.

Skoloda also discussed the importance of knowing how to use social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. She advised students on the value of maintaining a clean image on websites such as Facebook and MySpace.

“It is so important to be aware of the pictures you post on Facebook and other social media websites,” said Skoloda. “When employers look you up on the web, you don’t want them to gain the wrong first impression of you. It could jeopardize your chances of getting employed.”

At the end of her presentation, Skoloda entertained questions from the audience. Jack Ciak, Sc.D., assistant professor and faculty advisor for Seton Hill’s Communication Honor Society, moderated the question and answer session.

One audience member asked Skoloda to describe the biggest challenge that she has faced in the field of public relations.

“I feel that women have come a long way in the public relations field, however, the biggest challenge for me would be juggling my career and being a mother,” said Skoloda.