Screenwriting Data Analytics & Digital Publishing Internships Help Prepare Digital Humanities Major for Creative Future 

Grace Baroun, Senior Digital Humanities Major, recently reflected on her experiences at Seton Hill leading up to graduation.

Why did you choose Seton Hill?

Seton Hill offered Creative Writing and Studio Arts as majors. When Digital Humanities was created my sophomore year, my credits all transferred towards that major. I have always been able to study things which interest me here, and have a one-on-one relationship with my professors. I also played soccer and was thrilled I would be able to play a Division II sport.

I’ve heard you’ve had some interesting internships. Can you tell us a little about them?

My favorite was with a company called StoryFit. For them I analyzed data on TV show and movie plots, character arcs, etc. It made me interested in screenwriting.  I also worked with a digital publishing company, doing research for events and some graphic design.

How has your work in your classes here at Seton Hill helped you perform well in your internships?

I took a storyboarding class, which was very beneficial to my ability to succeed in my internships. I had never heard of storyboarding, or practiced it intentionally before taking the course through SHU. However, it was definitely one of my favorite classes and the practice can be applied to so many things. I was analyzing film for my first internship, and by reading descriptions and seeing clips, I could build my own impression and takeaway by applying this knowledge to the structures I had studied.

What are your plans post graduation and how has your time at Seton Hill prepared you for working towards those goals/plans? 

I will most likely attend graduate school, but would like some work experience first. I graduate soon, and I’m interviewing for jobs in publishing and creative fields. My major allows me a broad range of opportunities, and I would like to focus myself on a more specific field before continuing my education.

Describe your experience as a student at Seton Hill - both campus life and your experience in the classroom? 

I have greatly enjoyed my time at Seton Hill. I have appreciated the ability to really know my peers. I never enter a room and feel as though I do not know someone. I also enjoy knowing my professors on a one-on-one basis, and seeing that in most cases, they remember me now in my final semester. All in all, the community at SHU is one of its best features and I am glad to have been part of it.