Q&A with a Seton Hill Nutrition & Dietetics graduate: Caroline Jones, R.D., L.D. '08

We had the opportunity to talk with one of our graduates from the Nutrition and Dietetics program, Caroline Jones, about her time at Seton Hill University and the advice she has for our current students. 


Fondest SHU Memory

I would say it is a toss-up. I loved being a member of the cross country team and have made lifelong friendships with some great people because of it. I also really loved the women in the Dietetics Program. There were only six of us and we became an extremely close-knit, supportive group who worked together and had some great times. Although we weren't always doing exactly the same things for our classes or internships, we were always there for each other and had a blast.

First Job after Graduation

Nutrition coordinator for seven Head Starts in Midcoast Maine. 

Proudest Moment

I would have to say I was very proud to have landed a job by January of my senior year. Although I still had a semester left of college to complete, it was nice to know I had a job waiting. I would also say passing the exam to become a Registered Dietitian on my first try was a very proud moment. 

Advice to a Seton Hill Student

Seton Hill expects you to be the best student you can. The Dietetics Program was very challenging and forced me to be extremely focused on my studies. That being said, it prepared me to be a Registered Dietitian in only four years and allowed me to obtain a job right out of college. I think it also helped me to be able to handle my job well, multi-task and be part of a team. I would advise any student, regardless of the program they're enrolled in, to work hard and give everything your all. It may be challenging at times and there will be a lot expected of you, but keep your head up, it will pay off.