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Political Campaign, Model UN Just 2 Small Parts of Poli Sci Major’s Busy Fall

Mark Nealon is a political science major with minors in communication and legal studies at Seton Hill University. Mark has been working tirelessly to obtain his goals. Already this year, he has volunteered to take part in a political campaign and served on Seton Hill’s Model UN Team. Here, he shares his experiences as a political science major and his plans to run for office some day.

Why did you choose to major in political science?

I chose political science because I have always been interested in anything political, ever since I was a young child. Mainly, this interest has always stemmed from the idea of what political conduct can accomplish, how many people it could truly help. Kindness and empathy are traits truly lacking in today's political climate. Part of my reasoning for wanting to get into that field is to try and restore those qualities wanted in a leader.

Why did you choose to attend Seton Hill University?

I originally chose Seton Hill University because of its 3+3 Law Program, hoping to one day become a child's advocate. However, as I became immersed in the political science major and its faculty, I decided to instead pursue poli sci full-time with the hopes of one day holding office and making it a career.

What are your political science professors like?

The poli sci faculty is truly incredible. I have learned so much from Dr. O'Dell and Dr. Cary in each of their classes, as well as in groups such as Model UN. Both of these professors have brought out the best in myself and my peers. They have us work hard and truly show the professional development we are gaining from their education.

"Each educator truly cares about the information you learn and how you apply it to the rest of your life/career!"

Have you gained anything from your classmates and peers?

My peers in the department have also contributed to the amount of knowledge I have learned during my four years here, inciting lively conversation and debate in and outside of the classroom. Outside of my major, I have also had several professors who have shown me exactly why Seton Hill is as amazing as it sounds. Each educator truly cares about the information you learn and how you apply it to the rest of your life/career!

Has your time at Seton Hill prepared you for your current and future careers?

Immeasurably so. As I said, each poli sci professor gives it their all. I have grown so much over the last four years, both professionally and personally. Being able to have professors that care so much about your development has been instrumental in ensuring that I am ready for life after SHU.

How has the Model UN helped you professionally?

Model UN has prepared me for so many different career paths, as have my internship with the Tay Waltenbaugh State Senate campaign, and poli sci classes. Inside Washington, a two-week intensive J-Term class offered in the heart of Washington, D.C, truly affirmed that I was passionate about changing lives and minds in our political future. I had the chance to prove to myself that I was ready for my career path ahead in this class, and forever owe Seton Hill for the opportunity to attend. 

What has been your experience volunteering for a political campaign?

My experience with the Tay Waltenbaugh State Senate campaign was, in short, incredible. I had the chance to work with and for a candidate that I truly admired. I was able to gain hands-on experience in running a grassroots campaign that worked so hard to fight for the people of Westmoreland. I had the chance to get to know the personal part of running a campaign of that magnitude, as well as the measurables that would be needed in order to win one. I will never forget my time working for a campaign that was professional, personable, and overall about the constituents, not the candidate. I plan on taking the skills I've cultivated with the campaign and applying them anywhere I go after graduation.