Amanda Clontz, senior sociology major with certification in elementary and special education, initiated the Lions Club movement at Seton Hill.

“I wanted to start a Lions Club on Seton Hill’s campus because it is a great community service organization. I noticed that the majority of the clubs here on campus relate to one’s major. I wanted to initiate the Lio's Club on campus so anyone can join. All students and faculty have the opportunity to come together to help those in need,” said Clontz, who is also the president of the sociology club.

The club’s mission is to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation. The Lions Club motto is "We Serve."

James Paharik, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology and faculty coordinator of the Genocide and Holocaust Studies Program at Seton Hill University, is the club’s advisor.

“I was familiar with the Lions Club and their excellent work in communities. It seemed like a great way to make a connection between Seton Hill students and an effective, community-based organization,” Paharik said.

Paharik believes the club will broaden the opportunities for Seton Hill students to work with adults in the community on service projects. “It will also increase the impact of their service because they will be combining their efforts with those of others in Westmoreland County,” said Paharik.

Paharik, who is also a co-advisor of the sociology club, hopes both clubs will work together on some projects.

“Our first project for the Lions Club was the hat, sunglasses, and glasses drive that we started in November. The collection was sent to Guatemala in February,” said Clontz.

The student members of the Lions Club include: Martha Balzano, Ethen Barnett, Darcie Basilico, Alicia Campbell, Amanda Clontz, president, Ashley Dorry, Katie Fritsch, Jeremy Haskins, Melissa Kaufold, secretary, Katie Lantz, Jovanne Robinson, Melissa Under, and Gia Wenino, treasurer.

The Lions Club is the world's largest secular service organization with over 44,500 clubs and more than 1.4 million members in 203 countries around the world. The organization strives to meet the needs of communities on a local and global scale.