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In Her Own Words: Dancer, Athlete, Social Work Major Establishes Career in Child Welfare in New York City

"My four years in the Social Work Program at Seton Hill University were invaluable in preparing me for my career. I walked away with the experience and knowledge I needed to not only obtain a master’s degree but also to secure employment within the department of child welfare, serving a diverse population throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The professors value you not just as a student but as an individual with unique talents and ideas. I came to Seton Hill as an athlete and honor student. The Social Work Program allowed me the flexibility I needed and valued my endeavors outside of the classroom. I even found my advisor in the stands at my volleyball games on occasion! The curriculum allows students to conduct independent research projects, create original organizational proposals and participate in policy advocacy, all while encouraging the use of self as the most valuable asset to their work. Professors worked closely with me during my final project, helping me to incorporate my love for dance into my research, and allowing me to create and facilitate a unique therapeutic dance program with adolescent girls impacted by trauma. The process was invigorating and encouraged me to continue using my creativity as an important tool in my work. Being a social work major at Seton Hill was like being part of a family and SHU will always feel like home to me."

– Anna Knestaut, SHU '11, social work major