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In Her Own Words: An Exciting and Gratifying Career in Museum Work

“Seton Hill gave me a valuable education and my professors truly changed my life. Before attending Seton Hill I wasn't quite sure what sort of career path I wanted. However, when I took my first art history class with Maureen Vissat I knew that this field was my passion and that my true calling would be a career in a museum. All of my professors at Seton Hill gave me a tremendous amount of encouragement, support, and career advice that I have always taken to heart - especially after changing my major several times before eventually settling on art history! 

After a couple internships and jobs in local Western Pennsylvania museums, I decided to pursue graduate school. During graduate school I was awarded the opportunities of a lifetime, scoring competitive internships at New York City museums such as the Museum of Modern Art. The arts curriculum at Seton Hill does a wonderful job of exposing students to not only the history of art, but the practice of studio art as well as the opportunity to learn about contemporary theory and philosophies of art.

Working full-time now in the museum world, I have realized that I am equipped with all the tools I need to speak intelligently about the artwork that I encounter on a daily basis.. I have never felt more confident that this is the perfect career for me. I constantly think of how well-prepared I am to work in the museum world and I am very thankful to my professors, classmates, and mentors for helping me choose an exciting and gratifying career.”

Alyssa Dreliszak (SHU ’12) graduated from Seton Hill with a B.A. in Art History