Honors Program Capstone Research Projects Presented During Seton Hill’s Celebration of Scholarship

Honors students at Seton Hill have the opportunity to conduct and present independent research in a chosen field. This year, the Honors Capstone Symposium was held during the University’s daylong Celebration of Scholarship. In addition to the Symposium, the Celebration of Scholarship included a keynote address by University Provost Sister Susan Yochum, concerts and art exhibits by School of Visual and Performing Arts students, Project H.O.M.E. Capstone Project Presentations, Career Readiness Summit Presentations, the Celebration of Writing, and the University Research Conference.

Honors Program Capstone Research Projects require the integration of the liberal arts with social outreach. Honors Program Director Dr. Christine Cusick oversees all projects. Each student also has a faculty advisor from the specific discipline in which their research falls.

2023 Honors Program Capstone Symposium Projects included:

  • “The Stigma Surrounding Student Athlete Mental Health” presented by Peyton Gensler. Hadara Katarski advisor.
  • “The Self-Determination Theory and Athletes at Seton Hill” presented by Mackenzie English. Dr. Angela Kennedy advisor.
  • “The Need for Financial Literacy in College Students” presented by Trevor Mitchell. Dr. Doina Vlad advisor.
  • “The Mass of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton” 
  • “Seton Hill Welcome App” presented by Caleb Voorhees. Brad Messner advisor.
  • “The Impact of Acid Rain on Seton Hill’s Statues” presented by Kasey Beres. Dr. Diana Hoover advisor.
  • “Indicators Species and Stream Health: Jacks Run Watershed” 
  • “How do we question science?” presented by Dominic Cicala. Dr. Ja’Nean Reay advisor.
  • “Pfizer vs. Moderna: Antibody Levels Post-Vaccination and Public Health Inquiry” presented by Alesandra Sheffler. Dr. Nicole McAllister advisor.
  • “Rattle the Stars: An Exploration of Fictional Heroines” presented by Samantha Sheldon. Joseph Domencic advisor.
  • “Breaking Barriers to Gender Equity in the Workplace” presented by Meghan Cutshall. Dr. Roni Kay O’Dell advisor.
  • “The Importance of Arts in Community Spaces” presented by Jenna Neri. Patti Ghubril advisor.
  • “Utilizing Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom” presented by Alyssa Dempsey. Dr. Daniel Casebeer advisor.
  • “Mental Health Stigma and Its Effects on College Students” presented by Julia Mort. 
  • “Empathy in Education: The Importance of Fostering an Empathetic Classroom Culture” presented by Maria Giunta. Dr. Daniel Casebeer advisor.

Student researchers who have requested that personal information not be released by Seton Hill in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) do not appear in the information above.