GPAC Grant Helps Hip-Hop Artist Starr Perform Throughout Pittsburgh

Lyn Starr dreamed of a career in music throughout his youth in Pittsburgh.

Now Starr, who earned his degree in vocal music performance at Seton Hill, performs throughout Pittsburgh as a hip-hop artist and has opened for major acts like rapper Rick Ross.

More importantly, Starr is getting the chance to create unique art.

Starr has released an EP, “Universe 25,” thanks to a $20,000 grant from the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council (GPAC). He based this conceptual rap collection on the research of the late John B. Calhoun, an American ethologist and behavioral researcher who studied overcrowding.

Starr worked with this idea and translated it into rap songs that explore Calhoun’s themes of life, death and the efforts society makes to create a utopia. He is very grateful for organizations like GPAC, which gives artists a much-needed path to follow their dreams. “Many people despair because they cannot find their way,” Starr says. 

He thanks Seton Hill for its liberal arts curriculum, which “helped me become a better critical thinker ... and connect all of these dots.” 

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