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Fine Arts Graduate Finds Success in the Music Industry

Alexandra (Naples) Fields is making a name for herself in the music industry. 

The 2008 alum travels with her band, LoveBettie, while creating and performing their original music as she goes back and forth between Greensburg, Pennsylvania and Nashville, Tennessee. The band refers to themselves as "pioneers of Swagger Rock."

While music has always been a love of Alexandra’s, she pursued another passion while at Seton Hill University and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. “It’s kind of interesting because I didn’t do art as my career. I still throw pottery and paint but that’s not really what I do as a career these days. I think that, because Seton Hill was a little bit of everything, I was able to do both art and music.” 

The variety of arts classes at Seton Hill and ease of access to them, regardless of a student’s major, played a part in Alexandra’s continuing love of music throughout her college career. “I took a couple of music classes while I was there, and I worked with Ted DeSanti. He helped me work on songs and learn a little bit more theory and stuff like that, so that was really fun. If I could go back, honestly I would have taken more music classes. When you have such a great department there, why wouldn’t you?” 

Though she leaned towards music rather than fine arts for her career, Alexandra’s education in the arts still plays a large role in her life as a musician today. “The art department really did prepare me for the world that I’m in because networking is such a large part of being an artist, and it is the same for music.”