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Criminal Justice Grad Trask Alexander Builds Community Relationships as PA State Trooper

30 under 30 logoEvery day – actually every minute – of Trask Alexander’s job as a Pennsylvania State Trooper brings new and varied experiences. 

“On patrol, I could be responding to a vehicle accident at 1:50 p.m., an assault at 2 and a burglary in progress at 3:30,” says Trask, who majored in criminal justice at Seton Hill. “I’ve seen the very best and worst in people.” 

“We meet people on their worst days. As a trooper, we have to be that rock that provides stability in challenging times."

Trask’s experience as a Captain in the U.S. Army and with Seton Hill’s preparation helped him endure the rigors of seven months of State Police training that aims to break each prospective trooper down before building them back up. 

Such training is necessary to prepare troopers for the difficult situations they’ll face on the streets. 

“We meet people on their worst days,” he says. “As a trooper, we have to be that rock that provides stability in challenging times, which is what they’re looking for. We have to be ready to handle any situation that arises. You may be first on scene to do CPR or to handle a domestic dispute.” 

After Trask graduated from the state police academy in May 2015, he was assigned to the Western side of the state, though some of the investigations he’s been involved in have taken him across Pennsylvania. 

“Community oriented policing is very important to me – getting to know people and building relationships,” he says. “This is especially important in today's world where police encounters with citizens is creating a fractured trust between communities and the law enforcement agencies that serve them." 

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