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Computer Science Major Raven Murphy ’16 Finds ‘Perfect Fit’ Job with Department of Defense

30 under 30 logo graphicWhen Raven Murphy was looking for jobs after graduation from Seton Hill, she knew she wanted to follow her mother’s lead. Raven’s mom is a longtime federal government employee, and Raven always knew that being a civil servant was a calling she wanted to follow as well.

“When I found a position open with the Department of Defense, I knew I wanted to pursue it,” Raven says. “Serving the public – and using my computer skills – felt like a perfect fit.” 

Since most of her work is classified, Raven can’t talk about much of what she does at her job with an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. But as a software analyst, Raven works to ensure that the computer software being used in various government projects is working as efficiently as possible. 

"Ultimately, I would love to work in the FBI handling cybercrime cases."

“I even have to be careful what I talk about at work because people may have clearances for some projects and not others,” she said. “It’s kind of hard at first not being able to talk about what I do at work, but you get used to it after awhile.” 

Raven, who earned a degree in computer science with a minor in forensic science at Seton Hill, is currently pursuing a master’s degree in cybersecurity from the University of Maryland University College. 

“Ultimately, I would love to work in the FBI handling cybercrime cases,” she says. 

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