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Seton Hill Student Ambassadors
In Honor of the Class of 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Trenski
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Demma

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Trenski
In Honor of Jonathan M. Trenski

Debra and Robert Zelenak
In Honor of Jessica A. Zelenak

David A. Slampak, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William Ankeny
In Honor of Matthew L. Ankeny

Mr. and Mrs. Galahad Diezmos
In Honor of the Class of 2007

Ms. Darlene Spence
In Honor of Shawn Spence

Mr. and Mrs. William Ward
In Honor of Kate Ward

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Schweikarth
In Honor of Kristy Schweikarth

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cardinale
In Honor of Jennifer Cardinale

Ms. Jean Gilmore
In Honor of Bobbi Loncharich

Kathleen Sapanara Puff

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Truxal
In Honor of Allison Truxal

Andrea Ansell

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Ansell
In Honor of Andrea M. Ansell

Jacqueline Hart Heyward
In Honor of Jacqueline Heyward

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ponczak
In Honor of Meredith Ponczak

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Proulx
In Honor of Ben Proulx

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ludovici
In Honor of Jessica Ludovici

Kathy J. Baum

Kennametal Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Myers
In Honor of Jennifer Myers

Ms. Barbara Vintinner
In Honor of Vanessa M. Vintinner

Joanne M. Anderson
In Memory of Mary and Joseph Iezzi

Joanne Davis

Ms. Mary J. Caroselli
In Honor of Carrie L. Caroselli

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Evans
In Honor of Emily Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Denniston
In Honor of Andrea Denniston

James H. Pirlo