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Child Development Center Students Enjoy "STEAM Day"

The young students in Seton Hill's Child Development Center (CDC) recently took a short trip to to Lynch Hall, one of the science buildings on Seton Hill University’s campus, where Seton Hill University education students eagerly awaited them. The university students, under the direction of Jeremy Brueck, Ph.D., assistant professor of education, had prepared a variety of fun STEAM-based learning activities for their young CDC friends. For the next two hours, the three to five-year-olds enrolled in the CDC learned about science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics by:

  • Learning to move their bodies in the way specific animals do,
  • Using an iPad to play number and letter “games,”
  • Sorting counting bears by quantity and color,
  • Reading the children’s book “Mouse Paint,” and then sorting foam shapes according to colors and graphs, and
  • Designing a “ramp board” that directs a ball into a cup.

Prior to STEAM Day, the Seton Hill education students “were required to submit a formal plan meeting Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards for each activity,” according to Child Development Center Director Maria Stone. Children enrolled in both the morning and afternoon sessions had a chance to enjoy the STEAM Day activities, and then return to the Child Development Center for circle time, snacks and free play.

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