Business Grad Now Amazon HR Regional Center Manager

Candace Hall was thinking big when she sought a third internship – one with a major company – while earning a degree in Business Administration/Human Resources.

The internship she landed at Amazon in 2015 led to a fulltime job in Arizona and three promotions at the world’s largest online retailer.

Hall felt “totally prepared” for that first job as a senior human resources assistant, providing employee services such as new hire orientation and training to as many as 4,000 workers.

“I attributed a lot of that to business classes I took with Dr. Catherine Giunta. It was a little scary,” she admits. “I thought I was going into a corporate environment and actually walked into a warehouse.”

In January, Hall was promoted to a new HR centralization team to handle administrative functions. As a regional center manager, she is responsible for 10 fulfillment centers – that number will expand to 18 – with more than 12,000 employees and 11 site leaders. She analyzes the HR workflow, coaches and trains, and influences strategic direction.

The work is fast-paced and challenging, she says: “I grew to enjoy the ambiguity of it. Every day I work in there, I learn something. Hands down, it’s my favorite part.”

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