Business Grad Director of Human Resources for Somerset County

When Chloe Sparr Thomas was hired as a human resources assistant in the Somerset County Courthouse shortly before she graduated with a business degree, she didn’t expect to be running the office a year later.

In providing human resources services for the county’s 400 employees, she recruits and hires, investigates union grievances, keeps up with state and federal regulations, and advises all elected county officials and department heads.

The three internships she completed helped her navigate the multiple responsibilities, she says. “I was an RA at Seton Hill, and having that experience and the internships really helped prepare me for this job – having the responsibility of everyday tasks and duties.”

Chloe’s leadership skills were recognized during her time as a student when she was named the inaugural recipient of the Seton Hill Alumni Association Scholarship in honor of Elizabeth Ann Seton Medal recipient Catharine Murray Ryan.

Navigating the political aspect of her job makes the position much different from the private sector. “We have the courthouse and the commissioners, who run everything from personnel to the budget. Elected officials can change every four years. You have to relearn their preferences and personalities, and how they see your role, how they want to do things,” she says.

She enjoys the job and balances career with family, including her husband, Nathan, and two young children.

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