Business & Accounting Grad a Currency Options Broker on Wall Street

Harrison Howes has moved from his native Norwich, England to Western Pennsylvania to the iconic Wall Street corridor of New York City.

As a broker for Tullett Prebon, Howes is using his education in accounting and business administration to match buyers and sellers. He works on the Currency Options Desk, which executes about 100 trades worth more than a billion dollars for clients the likes of Morgan Stanley and The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. 

"The thing I valued most from my time at Seton Hill was the close-knit community."

“What’s truly fulfilling about my day-to-day is the immensely competitive environment,” says Howes, who played on the Seton Hill soccer team. “It pushes everyone involved to the best they can be.”

When at Seton Hill, Howes couldn’t picture exactly what he’d end up doing, but he knew he wanted to be in a personable business.

“The thing I valued most from my time at Seton Hill was the close-knit community, as it forced people to build strong relationships with each other,” Howes says. “This aided me in my progression at Tullett Prebon because having a good relationship with your client is a fundamental part of the job.”

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