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Accounting Major Graduates With First Job Lined Up at Ernst & Young

Heather Harvan graduated from Seton Hill already looking forward to beginning her career at Ernst & Young. An accounting major, Heather connected with the firm early in her senior year. 

“I found out about this position through the Pittsburgh Accounting Consortium,” Heather says. “I submitted my resume through Seton Hill's connection with the Consortium. Ernst & Young was one of the firms that selected me.”

“What I am looking forward to is the fast-paced environment of public accounting and the ability to build on the education I have been provided at Seton Hill,” Heather added. “Working at a Big Four firm is certainly going to be exciting since I will be able to expand my skill set within various industries.” 

Heather is also intrigued by the firm’s corporate culture. “The firm presented a culture that was focused on success, growth and teamwork. While interviewing, I was told that everyone at the firm is like one big family. It reminded me of my experience with school and how SHU's community/culture is similar to being like one big family. I am looking forward to creating new relationships and gaining another ‘family.’ "

"Heather has been a phenomenal student who takes great pride in her work," says Associate Professor of Business Roland Warfield. "She is truly a trendsetter for what accounting should be in the future.”