Seton Hill University graduated 165 students during its December 13, 2010, commencement exercises.

The commencement ceremonies were held in the Salvitti Gymnasium which is located in the Katherine Mabis McKenna Center on Seton Hill University’s hilltop campus in Greensburg, Pa. Mary Ann Gawelek, Ed.D., provost and dean of the faculty, presented the candidates for degrees, and JoAnne Boyle, Seton Hill University president, conferred the degrees. Carole Brennan, Ed.D., adjunct instructor in religion and theology, served as the December Commencement speaker. Sister Lois Sculco, S.C., vice president for mission and student life, delivered the blessing to conclude the ceremonies. The December 13 commencement ceremonies included students who had earned their degrees in August and December 2010.

Seton Hill University December 2010 Graduates (students listed geographically by home residence):


Bandung, W. Java 40115
Xaviera Shedrick-Owens, M.A., Inclusive Education


Uzice 3100
Ivan Cosovic, B.A., Business



Phoenix 85048
Andrew DeMers, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy


San Marcos 92069
Dante Potter, B.S., Business


Hockessin 19707
Angelo LoPorto, B.M., Music


Cape Coral 33904
Mayara Damasceno, B.A., Criminal Justice


Wilmore 40390
Sheridee Wills-Hale, B.A., Music


Fallston 20147
Michael Neumann, M.B.A., Business Administration

Ocean City 21842
Angela Paris, M.A., Inclusive Education


Canton 48188
Johnathan Groat, B.S., Computer Science


Florissant 63033
Lukas Crump, M.A., Inclusive Education


Bason 14013
Tiffany Tice, B.A., Psychology

Lakeville 14480
Jennifer Hammond, M.A., Inclusive Education

Troy 12182
Rebecca Rentz, M.A., Art Therapy

Cleveland 44120
Kathryn Porta, M.A., Inclusive Education

Independence 44131
Clayton Shaver, B.S., Accounting

Sardis 43946
Dana Gerenyi, M.A., Special Education


Acme 15601
Patrick Labuda, M.B.A., Business Administration

Amity 15311
Marc Vlainich, B.S., Business

Apollo 15613
Emily Evans, M.B.A., Business Administration
Donald Kauffman, B.S., Business

Avonmore 15618
Lindsey Dull-Wilson, M.A., Inclusive Education

Bear Creek Township 18702
Marie VanMaanen, B.S., Biology

Bechtelsville 19505
Sharon Custer, M.A., Art Therapy

Belle Vernon 15012
Lyann Falosk, M.A., Inclusive Education

Bentleyville 15314
Andrew Poye, M.B.A., Business Administration

Bethel Park 15102
Benjamin Petchel, B.A., Art

Blairsville 15717
Robyn Shaw, M.A., Elementary Education

Boalsburg 16827
Jayne Cawthern, M.A., Inclusive Education

Boswell 15531
Chad Kaltenbaugh, B.A., Business

Carnegie 15106
Amanda Habovick, B.A., Psychology

Coal Center 15423
Michael Jones, B.M., Music

Connellsville 15425
Sarah McMeekin, M.A., Elementary Education
Anthony Vorrasi, B.A., History

Cranberry 16066
Desiree Robbins, B.A., Psychology

Delmont 15626
Thomas Limbacher, M.B.A., Business Administration
Joseph Messalle, B.F.A., Art

Derry 15627
Thomas Kantor, B.S., Business
Lou Anne Rudy, M.B.A., Business Administration

East Vandergrift 15629
Nicole Kamer, B.S., Business

Elizabeth 15037
John Kolenc, M.B.A., Business Administration

Evans City 16033
Corey Struss, B.A., English

Export 15632
Kimberly Cecere, B.S., Accounting
Cassandra Ellson, B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences
Leslie Stevens, B.A., General Studies

Greensburg 15601
Dairrick Alexander, B.A., Sociology and Psychology
Laura Baughman, B.A., History
Jennifer Beckerleg, M.A., Inclusive Education
Bethany Bouchard, B.A., English
Shawn Brisbane, B.A., General Studies
Christopher Clement, M.A., Elementary Education
Gina Covelli, B.A., Music
Nicole Cribbs, B.A., Sociology
Ronald Davis, B.A., Business
Carina DeFloria, M.B.A., Business Administration
Melissa Dinsmore, B.A., Human Services
Lisa Errett, B.S., Business
Karen Esola, B.A., General Studies
Cynthia Ferrari, M.Ed., Instructional Design
Sarah Ford, B.S., Computer Science
Stacey Kelly, B.A., Psychology
Amy Kolling, M.Ed., Instructional Design
Amanda Laskey, M.A., Inclusive Education
Zachary Lehman, B.S., Business
Jacob Livella, B.A., Criminal Justice
Muriel Maher, M.A., Special Education
Evan Marcavage, B.A., Mathematics
Joan Marcocci, M.B.A., Business Administration
Juli Noel, B.A., Business
Brendon Noll, B.A., Criminal Justice
Sean O’Brien, M.B.A., Business Administration
Cheryl Parker, M.Ed., Instructional Design
Catherine Petrosky, M.A., Inclusive Education
Cory Proudfit, B.S., Computer Science
Melinda Roberts, M.B.A., Business Administration
Dorothy Sullivan, M.A., Special Education
Stephanie Walker, B.A., Communication
Angela Walter, M.B.A., Business Administration

Grove City 16127
William Bett, M.B.A., Business Administration

Hermitage 16148
Philip Tizio, B.A., Psychology

Hunker 15639
Jessica Bilinski, M.B.A., Business Administration
Melanie Firestone, B.A., Human Services
Robert Hoover, M.B.A., Business Administration
Stacy McBeth, B.A., Human Services

Hyde Park 15641
Jason Wagner, M.A., Special Education

Irwin 15642
Tammie DePalma, B.S., Business
Melanie Johns, M.A., Inclusive Education
Sandra Sekerka, M.B.A., Business Administration
Mandy Tennis, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy

Jeannette 15644
Amanda Ambrose, M.Ed., Instructional Design
Kristin Barriga, M.A., Art Therapy
Katherine Lambert, M.A., Inclusive Education
Amanda Pershing, M.A., Inclusive Education
Melissa Renwick, M.A., Art Therapy
Christian Sirnic, B.A., Biology
Charles Thomas, M.B.A., Business Administration

Johnstown 15904
Ryan Tadich, B.S., Forensic Science

Latrobe 15650
David Brant, M.B.A., Business Administration
Danielle Dudzenski, M.B.A., Business Administration
Stacyann Koontz, B.S., Business
James Lohr, B.A., English
Andrea Nestler, B.A., Political Science
Jessica Ravis, M.A., Special Education
Rebecca Resslar, M.A., Special Education
Polly Schreckengost, B.A., Human Services
Susan Smith, B.A., Business
Katelyn Tucker, B.A., Psychology
Matthew Zamosky, B.A., Business

Leechburg 15656
Carla-Jo Rennick, M.B.A., Business Administration

Ligonier 15658
Alyssa Davis, B.A., Communication
Jacelle Frith, M.B.A., Business Administration
Scott Letti, B.A., Communication
Bobbi Loncharich, M.B.A., Business Administration
Susan Mignogna, M.B.A., Business Administration
Dennis Prohaska, M.B.A., Business Administration

Lower Burrell 15068
Matthew Mlynarski, B.A., Theatre

Madison 15663
Tara Saunders, M.A., Art Therapy

Mammoth 15664
Mallory Solomon, B.A., Mathematics

McDonald 15057
Karyn Romestan, B.A. with Honors, Art

McKeesport 15131
Nicole Knapp, B.S., Business

Mill Run 15464
Kahla Daniels, M.A., Inclusive Education

Monongahela 15063
Heather Koontz, M.B.A., Business Administration

Mount Joy 17552
Kyle Delp, B.S., Medical Technology

Mount Pleasant 15666
Georgia Speer, B.A., Business

Murrysville 15668
Lori Gardea, M.B.A., Business Administration

New Alexandria 15670
Tiffany Ramsden, B.A., Art
Kristen Simpson-Shoe, M.A., Special Education

New Derry 15671
Kelly Hines, M.A., Art Therapy

New Kensington 15068
Barbara Martz, M.B.A., Business Administration

New Stanton 15672
Charles Christman, M.A., Special Education
Kela Gary, B.A., Business

North Huntingdon 15642
Ashley Attenberger, B.A., Communication
Laura Baker, M.B.A., Business Administration
Courtney Czapor, M.B.A., Business Administration
Denine Frye, M.A., Special Education
Dionne Millen, M.B.A., Business Administration
Katie Swanson, B.A., Art
James Walls, M.B.A., Business Administration

Oakmont 15139
Jessica Jacka, B.M., Music

Penn 15675
Crystal Byerly, M.Ed., Instructional Design

Pittsburgh 15205
Joel Zalesky, B.A., Business

Pittsburgh 15206
Bethany Smith, B.S.W., Social Work

Pittsburgh 15210
Hayley Gallagher, M.A., Art Therapy
Michael Rivera, M.B.A., Business Administration

Pittsburgh 15227
Mark Smith, B.A., Business
Andrew Werkmeister, B.M., Music

Seward 15954
Kayla Bealonis, B.A., Psychology

Sewickley 15143
Jeanette Lundell, B.A., Theatre

Somerset 15501
Larry Hutzell, M.B.A., Business Administration

Springdale 15144
Katherine Ingram, B.A., Theatre

Springtown 18081
Michelle Horvath, Genocide and Holocaust Studies Certificate

Templeton 16259
Ellen Strait, B.S., Accounting

Trafford 15085
Renee Simone, M.A., Elementary Education

Turtle Creek 15145
Jennifer Veri, M.A., Art Therapy

Warren 16265
Lisa Philhower, M.S., Physician Assistant

West Newton 15089
Chelsea Babilya, B.A., Business
Christine Comini, B.A., Music
Megan Duffy, B.S., Business

Windber 15963
Christina McCloskey, B.A., Psychology


Saint Croix 00820
Shantel Subnaik, M.B.A., Business Administration


Baldwin 54002
Jessica Monson, Genocide and Holocaust Studies Certificate


Martinsburg 25404
Tracy Summers, M.A., Special Education

Wellsburg 26070
Michael Oliver, B.A., History