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The Regional Women Art Exhibit (a bi-annual) coincides with the Art History Seminar Women in Art; in this upper level capstone project, advanced students collectively jury a regional exhibit of women artists, award, prizes, and provide docent tours in addition to the academic study of women artists. 


Seton Hill alumni included in the show are::

Pamela Cooper (1), SUsan Novak (1) Molly ZIndish (2), Erin (Riggi) Tiedman (2) and Nora Thompson (3) Hope Moyer and Pamela Cooper are part of an artistic collaboration on an installation while a current senior Rebecca Scassellati has 2 works in the show.


(the number in parentheses indicates the number of works)


Harlan Gallery • Seton Hill Arts Center

Gallery Hours: Mon-Thurs 1pm - 8 pm, Friday 1pm -3pm, Sunday 1pm -4pm


Location: Harlan Gallery Seton Hill University Art Center