Genocide and Holocaust Studies at Seton Hill University

Seton Hill’s online program in Genocide and Holocaust Studies assists current and future teachers, historians, and scholars to understand the cultural, political, economic, and religious forces behind genocide by engaging in the comparative study of genocides of the past and present and by examining the singularly horrific crime of the Holocaust. The certificate program provides educators with the tools that are needed to present information on the Holocaust and other forms of genocide to students in an age-appropriate and emotionally supportive manner. It also helps anyone interested in genocide and the Holocaust to have a fuller understanding of the political, social, and religious issues that give rise to acts of genocide, and how the lessons of history inform possible responses to the genocides that exist in the world today.

Developed in association with Seton Hill’s National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education, this graduate certificate program in Genocide and Holocaust Studies provides students with access to a vast array of resources, including faculty members who are internationally renowned for their expertise in the field of genocide and Holocaust studies. 


Contact the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education by email, or by calling (724) 830-1033.