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1. We are a community of learners.

As a part of Seton Hill University, our children are provided a unique variety of educational and cultural experiences with various members of our academic community. As a result, your child may learn to sing a song in Spanish, observe a chemistry experiment, or attend a puppet show performed by University students. Just about all of our assistant teachers are education majors. They are immersed in their professional development while being taught the current best practices in early education. 

2. We offer a stimulating curriculum.

Our program implements a thematic, integrated and developmentally appropriate curriculum that supports the principles of the PA Early Learning Standards with sensitivity to the environment, cultural and individual needs of our children and families. Our students learn invaluable social skills and get an educational jump-start through a curriculum that includes science, art, math, language arts, and music and movement. In addition, we meet children at their personal skill and ability levels to provide everyone the opportunity to succeed.

3. We offer an innovative work-play environment.

The Child Development Center is equipped with the finest quality resources for early childhood education. Our children can work on an iPad, climb the playground equipment, solve problems at the water/sand table or participate in a host of other developmentally appropriate activities that allow them to exercise choice, foster creativity and have fun.

4. It is never too early to invest in your child's future.

As a parent you are doing everything you can to get your child ready for life’s great adventure. Mastery of life skills (such as having the  flexibility to problem-solve and being able to collaborate with others) is supported by what your child learns now.

5. We nurture the whole child.

The Child Development Center uses research on the way children develop language, physical, social and intellectual skills to create our programs and activities. And we don’t stop at the developmental or academic level: we also strive to foster caring, considerate and respectful members of society by promoting thoughtfulness, empathy and community service.